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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Police highlight scam targeting the elderly

North Wales Police say they continue to see an increase in reports of scam text and Whatsapp messages targeting elderly parents. 

The messages claim to be from their adult children asking for money to be sent urgently for various reasons such as the need to pay a debt or bill. 

Victims are told that their child has a new mobile number and in some cases the scammers engage in text conversations for some time before asking for money making the messages appear legitimate.

An increasing number of residents have lost money because of this scam whilst believing they are helping their children. 

Through the Neighbourhood Alert network, police say that if you receive any unexpected message requesting money or vouchers you should make additional checks to confirm the request is genuine. 

They also suggest that people who have elderly parents should discuss this scam with them to ensure they do not become a victim. 

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