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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Timings given for Sunday's illuminated tractor run

Organisers have given more details about Llangollen's first-ever illuminated tractor run which roars away next Sunday.

The event is being jointly run by Llangollen Young Farmers and the new Vale of Llangollen Rotary Club as a charity fund-raiser for the community.

Tractors will muster at 3.30pm at Llangollen Pavilion and, after judging, will be waved off at 5pm by town mayor Councillor Paul Keddie and Rotary district governor Paul Dutton.

The route goes up Castle Street on to the A5 and then through Froncysylte, Chirk, St Martins, Overton, Ruabon, Trevor and back to Llangollen. 

Short stop-overs are planned in Chirk and Rhyn Park School car park in St Martins for local people to walk around the tractors and for children to get their photo taken with our Santa.

Organisers have just posted an approximate timetable on Facebook which goes:
* 3.30pm – Tractors arrive at Llangollen Pavilion decorated and ready for viewing and judging
* 4.50pm – Drivers' briefing
* 5.00pm – Tractors leave Pavilion grounds and set off on the Run. Santa will hopefully be in one of the lead tractors
* 5.30pm – (5 miles) Arrive and travel through Froncysyllte
* 5.50pm – (3.3 miles) Arrive and travel through Chirk
* 6.05pm – (1.3 miles) Pass Dobbies Garden Centre
* 6.15pm - (1.2 miles) Arrive and stop at St Martin’s School car park
* 6.30pm - Leave School car park
* 6.55pm – (5.6 miles) Arrive in and travel through Overton
* 7.20pm – (5.2 miles) Arrive in and travel through Ruabon
* 7.40pm – (2.6 miles) Arrive in and travel through Trevor
* 8.00pm – (4 miles) Arrive back at Llangollen Pavilion
These times are approximations based upon average speeds of some of the vehicles
The post adds: "We will also be aiming to have a tracker with Santa so you can follow him and know when he is getting close to you. The link will be published on her at 4.45pm. The link relies on a mobile signal. If we loose signal we will try any to remake the link and publish the new link here.
"Please let people know here when they are passing you and lets have your photos and make this a real community event."

Roadworks alerts from county council

Latest local roadworks alerts from Denbighshire County Council are:

Chapel Street CHAPEL STREET 14/11/2022 23/12/2022 Gwaith Gwelliant/ Improvement Works DCC WORKS UNIT (PHILIP BI LLANGOLLEN Un Ffordd/ One Way

Wrth / Nr Winton ABBEY ROAD 24/11/2022 01/12/2022 Gwaith Trydanol / Electrical Works O'CONNOR UTILITIES (DCC) LLANGOLLEN Goleuadau Traffig Dros Dro/ Temp Traffic Lights

A539 OPPOSITE 3 HILL STREET HILL STREET 21/10/2022 21/10/2023 Gwaith ar Dwll Archwilio/ Man Hole Works MJ QUINN (DCC) LLANGOLLEN Ffordd ar Gau/Road Closure

Hall street Llangollen HALL STREET 14/11/2022 23/12/2022 Gwaith Gwelliant/ Improvement Works DCC WORKS UNIT (PHILIP BI LLANGOLLEN Atal Parcio / Parking Suspension Ffordd ar Gau/Road Closure

Bryn Dethol Road BRYN DETHOL ROAD FROM A5 TO MAESMAWR ROAD 28/11/2022 02/12/2022 Gwaith Draenio / Drainage Works DCC WORKS UNIT (PHILIP BI LLANGOLLEN Ffordd ar Gau/Road Closure

Hall street Llangollen HALL STREET 14/11/2022 23/12/2022 Gwaith Gwelliant/ Improvement Works DCC WORKS UNIT (PHILIP BI LLANGOLLEN Atal Parcio / Parking Suspension Ffordd ar Gau/Road Closure.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Inner Wheel's Christmas Cheer event is back this year

Llangollen Inner Wheel has announced that its popular Christmas Cheer event will be back this year after a break of two years due to Covid. 

Organisers say thanks for Christmas Festival success

* The lights go on in Castle Street. Picture: Barrie Potter.

Organisers of last Saturday's Llangollen Christmas Festival have sprung into verse to say thanks to everyone who made it such a huge success.

Thousands of people packed the town centre throughout the day to see the popular event return after a three-year pandemic delay.

In a statement to llanblogger the organisers say: "We would like to thank all the people who donated their time, effort, skills, equipment, money and expertise to make the Llangollen Christmas Festival such a successful event."

And they've penned a poem, entitled  The Night Before the Festival (With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore), to sum up their feelings. It goes:

‘Twas the night before the Festival and all through the town

Not a creature was stirring not even a sound. 

But we leapt from our beds with a loud joyous cry

When we looked out the window to see it was dry. 

The morning was busy, the feeling electric

As the stalls were put out and the gazebos erected. 

As the town clock struck one, the buses delayed,

When over the bridge came the Christmas parade. 

Ahead went the Fire Engine in case on the night

Sîon got stuck in the chimney and his beard was alight. 

Seated in luxury with his chain gold and shiny

The mayor looked magnificent in all of his finery. 

Behind the Town Cryer was Llan’s Silver Band

It surely must be the best band in the land. 

Then following behind was a wondrous array

Of faeries, a TukTuk, a bike and a sleigh. 

No Donner, no Blitzen, no reindeer at all

Just kids on their scooters who were having a ball.

At last came Sîon Corn drawn along in his sleigh

His sack full of gifts to distribute that day. 

The procession was over, the choirs in the tent

Kept the crowds entertained throughout the event. 

As the afternoon darkened, in the street the folk came

They listened to speeches in spite of the rain. 

The countdown began and Bob Lube pressed the switch,

The lights flooded the streets with nary a hitch. 

Then over the Castle was a sight to behold,

The fireworks exploded in silver and gold. 

The excitement was over, the crowd drifted away

And everyone went home at the end of the day. 

But I heard Sîon Corn shout as he went out of sight

Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

Mean E-machine with colossal performance

Genesis electric drive by Steve Rogers

I am getting vibes that driving electric cars is going to make life very boring.

A couple of friends, neither of whom have driven an EV, predicted we would be moving like snails frightened of running out of power before finding a charging point. And then there was the ‘you can’t beat the thrill of a red hot hatch’ jibe.

My reply was ‘that’s the past’ and then said I have been driving a electric hatchbacks with acceleration to sixty only a second behind a Ferrari or McLaren supercar. The pace of these cars really is electrifying.

Like it or not we have to prepare ourselves for E Day in 2030 by which time the majority will already be driving EVs or hybrids. Car companies are going hell for leather building electric models for all tastes, and from the ordinary to the outrageous.

For the outrageous cast an eye over Genesis. For those not familiar with the brand, Genesis is the luxury arm of Hyundai and launched here early last year with a range of saloons and SUVs targeting premium players like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, and not forgetting the rising star that is Volvo.

This year has been all about electric power for the G80 saloon and GV60, and this week saw the launch of the GV70 electric SUV which is predicted to be the best seller.

Realistically we are talking hundreds because the brand is still making its mark and cars are generally built to order in Korea with a waiting time is around five months.

The all wheel drive GV70 has an electric motor on each axle, together pumping out nearly 500bhp and an equally colossal 700Nm or torque. To cope with the power the chassis has been stiffened by 24 per cent over the petrol model.

Honestly, the performance is manic and if you are not satisfied with hitting 62mph in 4.8 seconds a boost button provides 10 seconds of increased power bringing the time down to 4.2 seconds. Going from 50-75mph using boost takes a frantic 2.5 seconds.

Drive like that all the time and it is unlikely you will get anywhere near the 283 mile electric range but you will have the satisfaction of sitting in one of the fastest electric cars in its class.

With a price tag of £78,090 you sit in the lap of luxury, pampered with top class materials but many buyers choose add-ons which can amount to another £11k.

GV70 can take a 350kWh charge which can top up the batteries to 80 per cent in 18 minutes. A similar range from a 50kWh post takes 73 minutes.

Although this was the big news of the day I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the electric GV60 Sport+, smaller and lighter but with the same power output and even quicker at FOUR seconds with the help of the boost button which is perfectly placed on the steering wheel as is the drive mode switch on the opposite side. The body styling is stunning and it is ditto inside with a futuristic layout.

An innovative feature are interior side cameras instead of door mirrors. They are a £1,240 extra but drivers need to experience them first because they take a bit of getting used to and can be a distraction with everything swishing by in the eyeline as well as offering no real perspective. I would give them a miss.

You pay a top price for top technology and premium features so £65,405 was no real surprise but I would be tempted to fork out £740 for the stunning lime green paint finish.

Even though Genesis is part of the Hyundai group there are no showrooms. Customers are given a virtual tour of the models at city centre studios before buying online with the help of a personal assistant who looks after the customer in a cradle to grave operation. After that it is five year warranty, servicing, courtesy car, road side assistance and map updates.

At the start studios were set up just in the south east, bosses believing this would be the only sales territory because of the high price of the cars, but they got a reality check with half the sales being scooped up throughout the rest of the country.

E-Day officially is 2030 but Genesis is not hanging around and want all their cars running on electric power by 2025. That is a strong message to the competition.

Christmas quiz will support children's charity


Monday, November 28, 2022

Elvis joins another brilliant Abbey Road Christmas creation

* Elvis, complete with giant sideburns, jumpsuit and mic, joins the Three Kings.

* The shepherds, surrounded by sheep, rinse out their socks ready for Christmas and hang them to dry on the fence.

 * An angel looks down on the tableau from above.

* Some handy signs around Elvis.

The crafty Christmas constructors of Tan Y Ddol have been busy again producing what must be their most adventurous seasonal tableau to date.

Over the past few years they've set the festivities off in style with a series of ingenious creations outside their court off Abbey Road. 

They've just put the finishing touches to their latest masterpiece - a three-part nativity scene featuring the Three Kings - including Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll - and a group of shepherds washing their socks by night in a corruption of the famous hymn lyrics.

And presiding over the whole seasonal scene from a perch atop a brick pillar is a magnificent angel.

A close-up look shows a couple of clever signs on the Three Kings scene, one held by Elvis declaring there's "No Room at the Heartbreak Hotel" and another, on the wall, pointing the way to Bethlehem. 

Llangollen trio shine in fundraising dance competition


* Vicky from Tyn Dwr Hall and her partner Mario in their winning quickstep routine.

* Father Lee dances the tango with Julie.

* Norah with her partner Alex do the foxtrot.

Three fleet-footed competitors from Llangollen waltzed to stardom in a glitzy dance competition to raise funds for a hospice on Saturday night.

One of them, Vicky Jones from the team at the Tyn Dwr Hall wedding venue, took the coveted glitterball trophy in the Strictly Nightingales contest at Liverpool’s swanky Titanic Hotel on a night which saw over £36,000 raised for Nightingale House.

Two others – Llangollen’s showbiz vicar Father Lee Taylor from St Collen's and Norah Pye from the Vale of Llangollen Golf Club – were amongst the best scorers on the night, which attracted hundreds of hospice supporters.

The terrific trio were dancing against five other pairs, each comprising an amateur contestant plus a professional partner, from businesses and other organisations in the area served by Nightingale House.

All had trained for months to polish their dancing styles.

Vicky Jones, the eventual winner with both judges and audience members who also had the chance to vote, danced an extremely proficient quickstep with pro Mario Zwolinski.

One of the judges, James Wilson, described her performance as “absolutely fantastic”, adding: “You are a naturally gifted dancer.”

Father Lee is no stranger to the limelight as a key member of the British Music Hall Society and also founder and on-stage chairman of Llangollen's Collen Players which stages regular old time music hall and variety shows at the town's Community Hall – the next one this coming Friday evening.

He teamed up with Llangollen-based professional dancer Julie Thomas, who also partnered another dancer on the night, to display a dramatic Argentine tango which put them halfway up the leader-board.

Head judge Chloe Hewitt praised the routine and said it left her wanting to see more.

Also in the honours was Norah Pye, the local golf club’s lady captain. Dancing the foxtrot with professional Alex Whyatt, she won praise from head judge Chloe for her elegance of style and the 99 per cent efficiency of her footwork around the floor. 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

County has warm welcome ready for residents

Denbighshire County Council is supporting a Warm Welcome for residents this winter. 

Across the county - including Llangollen - warm hubs are being set up as safe places for people to go to keep warm within their local community.

The 2025 Movement has brought partners together from across North Wales through the Croeso Cynnes/Warm Welcome initiative to deliver this project. 

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC) is distributing Welsh Government funding to charities and community groups in Denbighshire to help coordinate and deliver the activities in support of this project.

The venues are intended as locations in the local community where people can find a safe, warm and welcoming environment during the day.  

There will be a variety of offers, depending on the needs of visitors, from a simple offer of refreshments and somewhere to relax, through to hot meals, advice and information on energy saving and keeping warm; digital inclusion offers and social activities.  

A Warm Welcome webpage which people can access here has been set up to signpost Denbighshire residents to their nearest warm welcome venues.

Cllr Jason McLellan, Leader and Lead Member for Economic Growth and Tackling Deprivation said: “As we face the pressures of the current cost of living impact and increased energy costs, this is an important initiative that will help those who are struggling to have the ability to keep warm and safe during the winter months.”

“As partners in 2025 we all feel very strongly about supporting people through the cost-of-living crisis – Croeso Cynnes is about using the resources that we have in our buildings and community centres and opening up spaces that are safe, warm and welcoming to residents.”

“I would encourage anyone in the county who is facing pressures from rising costs to check out the available hubs near them in their community. As well as keeping warm, they will provide valuable welfare support and the chance to socialise with other people in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Chief Officer, Tom Barham, said: “It is a very difficult climate out there for many residents due to the Cost of Living crisis. Charities and community groups as well as libraries, churches and others are really working hard to support those in need over the winter months and this initiative we are helping to coordinate will make a difference for those struggling to heat their homes.

“The locations and information regarding the warm hubs can be found simply by clicking on the web link and if you are facing hardship, please don’t hesitate to take a look at where you could go for the day to keep warm and safe.”

* To find out the location of the warm hubs and what they offer please visit the Warm Welcome webpage at -

Llangollen Warm Welcome Hub 

The local Warm Welcome Centre is at: Llangollen Library and One Stop Shop / Llyfrgell a Siop Un Alwad Llangollen

The Chapel 19-21 Castle Street Llangollen / Y Capel 19-21 Stryd y Castell Llangollen
Côd Post
LL20 8NU
Rhif Ffôn
01978 869600
Dyddiau ac Oriau agor
Monday: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Wednesday: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Thursday: closed
Friday: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12.30pm

Dydd Llun: 9am i 1pm a 2pm i 5pm
Dydd Mawrth: 9am i 1pm a 2pm i 5pm
Dydd Mercher: 9am i 1pm a 2pm i 5pm
Dydd Iau: ar gau
Dydd Gwener: 9am i 1pm a 2pm i 5pm
Dydd Sadwrn: 9am i 12.30pm

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Christmas Festival fun packs town once again

* Sion Corn arrives outside the Town Hall to be greeted by the Mayor, Cllr Paul Keddie.

All the colour and fun of a full-blown Christmas festival came back to the streets of Llangollen for the first time in three years today.

At last able to shake off the constraints of Covid, organisers of the hugely popular annual event had gone all out to make sure everyone had a great time.

And the town centre was packed with thousands of people who came to see things start off in style with the traditional parade, which made its lively way along Abbey Road from the Pavilion, across the bridge and into the heart of the town.

* A huge tractor takes pride of place in the opening parade.

Special cheers were reserved for the day's special guest, the Welsh Father Christmas, Sion Corn.

With him in the line-up were a fire engine from the Llangollen station, Scouts and brownies and even a contingent from Cogwarts.

Providing a real spectacle was a cavalcade of tractors from local farms plus a couple of classic cars.

After arriving outside the Town Hall to be met by the Mayor, Cllr Paul Keddie, Sion Corn made his way up to the main hall where he took up residence in his grotto and met scores of his young fans. 

* A fire engine thrills the crowds on the bridge.

Chief organiser Austin Cheminais, who was also in the parade in his guise as town crier, said the day was proving to be a big success and had been made all the better thanks to sizeable cash donations, totalling over £1,000, from two well-wishers who want to remain anonymous.

In Market Street there was a record number of Christmas-themed stalls plus a fairground ride and a full programme of top-class entertainment was provided throughout the afternoon and evening under the expert guidance of local musician Chris Burton.

* Town crier Chem lets people know the parade is here. 

The big switch-on of the town's Christmas lights and the traditional firework display is due to take place around 5pm as darkness falls.

* Llangollen Silver Band sets the pace for the parade.

                      * A vintage Standard drives onto the bridge.

      * This group - plus dog - travels in style on a trailer towed by a tractor.

 * A locally-based tuk tuk was a crowd pleaser.

* All kinds of transport were represented in the parade.

* The Drosi Bikes crowd pedal by.

* Scooting past the Town Hall.

                        * Stalls lining Market Street were a big attraction.

                                 * A magic roundabout in Market Street.

* Ysgol Clywedog's steel band plays in Centenary Square.

* The silver band plays seasonal tunes in the square.

Results of the festival's treasure hunt are below:

Nick Dilley of the organising committee said: "We'd like to thank the kids who participated, and their parents ... we hope they enjoyed it. And if they've got any ideas about how we could make it even better next year I'd like to hear them."

Town ready for today's first Christmas Festival in three years

* Crowds packed the town for the last Christmas Festival in 2019. 

After a break of three years due to the pandemic Llangollen Christmas Festival will take place today (Saturday).

A spokesperson for the organising committee said: "We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to mark the start of the town’s seasonal preparations. 

"There will be a Grand Parade starting from the Pavilion ground at 1pm and proceeding to the Town Hall for the official opening where Sion Corn - the Welsh Father Christmas - will stay for the afternoon to meet and greet as many of his friends as wish to do so at the start of his busiest part of the year.

"There will be lots to do for children old and young and a wide range of seasonal treats and activities.

"At the end of the afternoon there will be the usual firework display at which time the town's Christmas lights will also be switched on.

"Sion Corn will once again be dressed in his traditional green as he makes his preparations and is already planning his visit. 

"After three years he has lots to do as he decides how to make the journey as rapidly as possible." 

Friday, November 25, 2022

Rotary launches town's first Tree of Light

             * The sign at the base of the towns Christmas tree in Centenary Square.

Vale of Llangollen Rotary has teamed up with Llangollen Christmas Festival to create the town’s first Rotary Tree of Light to raise funds for the festival. 

Using the town’s Christmas tree in Centenary Square people can dedicate a light and a personal message in memory of someone special or someone no longer with us for £5.

All money raised will go towards the Christmas Festival and all the messages received will be shown on the Rotary Club’s website and on the dedicated Facebook page @LlangollenRotaryTreeofLight.

Names will also be displayed in the area at the foot of the tree for others to read. 

A sign will be in position at the base of the tree telling people how they can make their dedications.

A QR code will be displayed that takes a smartphone user to the page at Rotary club website - All the details on how to dedicate and donate are available there.

Vale of Llangollen Rotary meets at 7.15 for 7.30pm at the Liberty Tavern, 20 Market Street, Llangollen LL20 8PS on Monday evenings.

More information is available on Face Book @valeofllangollenrotary, contacting Mike on 07803 038858, via email at or through the web site

MP highlights importance of step-free Ruabon station

* Simon Baynes MP speaking at the Westminster Hall debate. 

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes has highlighted the importance of step-free access at Ruabon Railway Station.

He spoke during a Westminster Hall debate on the importance of North Wales transport infrastructure.

Minister for Railways in the Department for Transport, Huw Merriman, attended the debate and said he looked forward to visiting Ruabon with Mr Baynes. 

This follows a visit by the former Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, to Ruabon Station last year.

Speaking in the debate, Mr Baynes said: “I am very pleased that in September this year, following the Department for Transport’s call for nominations, Ruabon was nominated, along with my written support, for inclusion in the next round of the Access For All programme, Control Period 7, which I understand will begin in April 2024 and last for five years.

He said later: “I was very pleased to raise the importance of step-free access as Ruabon Station directly to the Transport Minister recently, and to invite him to visit the station with me later in the year where I will make the positive case for step-free access, which will allow all passengers to access the jobs and leisure opportunities, making our community an even greater place to live and work. 

"Many representatives, organisations and residents in Ruabon have been campaigning for step-free access at Ruabon Station for several years and I was very pleased to be able to highlight the importance of our campaign to UK Government representatives in person.”

Campaigner gives update on local recycling campaign

     * Plas Madoc Recycling Centre.

Phil Jones, the man behind the on-going campaign to see Llangollen people secure easier access to recycling facilities has given his latest update on the situation. He writes: 

"Recycling; the quest for a service.

It;s been quite a while since I posted an update and you may be wondering if we will ever get access to the Plas Madoc recycling site.

In the last local Government elections we voted in two new County Councillors who stood on a platform to get a proper recycling service re-established in the Dee Valley. Councillor Karen Edwards has been working hard to move progress on this issue. 

Discussions are underway between Denbighshire CC officers and their counter-parts in Wrexham to establish the cost to DCC for this service provision by our neighbouring Council. 

Discussions within the Council begin at this time of year to establish how services will be funded in the coming financial year. Karen Edwards is working to make sure that a costed proposal is prepared in good time to be included in this process. Any proposal which may be agreed will require formal approval by both Councils.

Will we see access to Plas Madoc next April? Well, I am sure we will have to fight for our right to a fair service and we will be reminding the Council that over 1000 people have signed the petition."  

Council officers are moving ahead with more plans for changes to household waste services and building a new depot in Denbigh. 

Whilst finding money for these ideas they seem to have forgotten the fact that years ago when they closed our site at Wenffrwd without public consultation, they were tasked by Councillors to get an access agreement for Plas Madoc. This priority was quietly disregarded in favour of other plans in the north of the County. Its time we reminded them they failed to deliver on what was expected of them.

Roadworks planned for Regent Street

Latest local roadworks alert from is:


Regent Street, Denbighshire

27 November - 27 November


Roadworks, Delays likely


Traffic management: Traffic control (two-way signals)




Works location: OUTSIDE NUMBER 20


Public facing description: Wales & West Utilities Ltd has not assigned a specific description to this Works. Please note: Works Descriptions are not published by Wales & West Utilities Ltd.


Responsibility for works: Wales & West Utilities Ltd


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: XY254004000173258



Thursday, November 24, 2022

A483 Ruabon junction improvements raised in Senedd

The issue of improvements to the A483 in the Wrexham area has been raised in the Senedd. 

Clwyd South MS Ken Skates called for an update on the Welsh Government’s review of the key local route yesterday (Wednesday) – and said work to make Junction 1 at Ruabon safer was vital. 

In 2018, while Economy and Transport Minister, Mr Skates announced funding for work to improve junctions 3 to 6 on the A483. The Welsh Government, however, later paused all new road projects and said they would be reviewed. 

Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters, is now responsible for transport. In the Senedd yesterday, he said: “The roads review panel has submitted its final report to the Welsh Government about its findings, and this includes the A483 junctions 3 to 6 improvements. I will be making a further announcement on the next steps of the roads review by the end of the month.” 

Mr Skates has recently spoken of his concerns that congestion at several junctions on the dual carriageway has led to increased traffic on local roads. One example raised by parents is the spike in traffic on the road outside St Mary’s School in Ruabon. 

He said: “Junction 1 at Ruabon was not included in the roads review and therefore work on improving that junction has not been paused, and it’s for good reason. That particular junction is utterly lethal and has created a congestion canyon right up the A483, with resulting carbon emissions increases. 

“And, of course, it’s also sending motorists onto local roads, again putting lives at risk, particularly schoolchildren. Would you agree to visit the A483 and to meet with community leaders, and can you outline what progress has been made in the past year on work to improve junction 1 on the A483?” 

The Minister responded:“The proposals that have been put forward by the local council for junction 1 would involve a large remodelling of the junction, which would be carbon intensive and would increase road capacity. So, this is relevant to the recommendations we’re anticipating from the roads review about future road schemes. 

“There’s always a case for individual schemes. The cumulative impact of that is to add to traffic volumes. So, we do need to think very carefully. That said, where there are traffic problems there need to be solutions, and one of the themes in the roads review is how future roads can be made compliant with existing policies on climate change, transport, and planning. 

“So, when we produce the results, in the areas where we accept the recommendations of the review not to go ahead with a road, we will want to work with the local authority and other partners to see what else can be done in that case. I’m not able to preannounce what’s decided – largely because we haven’t yet decided – but we’ll be updating Members in the coming weeks on the next steps.” 

Mr Skates is due to meet Wrexham Council officers next week to discuss the problems with increased traffic around Ruabon and the concerns of parents at St Mary’s School.

Support Group still in need of Christmas donations for families

The volunteers dedicated to ensuring families facing tough times have a happy Christmas say they still need more help from the community.

Llangollen Support Group has teamed up with Llangollen Food Share to collect various items to help ease the seasonal spending burden.

In a joint post on its Facebook page the Support Group, headed by ace fundraiser Cat Meade, says: "Thank you to those who have donated so far.  

"We are supporting a lot more families this year and need your help.

"We have had some lovely donations so far but lots more needed please - children's books and toys that are new, handmade gifts, hats/scarves, choccy treats/ tins of biscuits, gift sets, socks.
"Donations can be dropped to Wingetts Llangollen between 9am and 5pm. Cash donations are accepted and we will shop and wrap.

"Please support so all can have a Christmas gift."