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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Row over supermarket conditions rumbles on

A Llangollen anti-supermarket campaigner has accused members of Denbighshire’s planning committee of being “sidelined” by their own officers over the Sainsbury’s application for the Dobson & Crowther site in the town. 

As reported by llanblogger last week, Martin Crumpton says that at the county’s September planning committee when the new store at Berwyn Street was approved, a set of conditions were imposed which meant it could not have an in-store butchers or delicatessen in order to protect Llangollen’s high street businesses.  

But he claims these two conditions have since been “overturned” by planning officers.  

Mr Crumpton is also opposed to a fresh application by Sainsbury’s agents WYG to remove the condition prevent the store having its own cafĂ©.  

Now, in an e-mail message to around 30 members of the committee he says he hopes the issue of conditions on the store will be discussed at their monthly meeting today (Wednesday). 

He says in the e-mail:  “My sincere hope is that your decision to impose conditions on Sainsbury’s will be considered an urgent matter, in view of the fact that two of your conditions – designed to offer some protection to Llangollen’s high street small traders - were subsequently effectively removed, without referral to you.  

“The conditions were the ‘no deli, no butcher’ which were effectively deleted when the Decision Notice was issued. 

“You should be aware that Sainsbury’s - or WYG on their behalf – now seeks to remove the last remaining condition designed to protect Llangollen’s high street – no cafe.”  

Mr Crumpton adds: “I strongly believe that elected councillors, not unelected officials, are the best and only means of safeguarding Denbighshire residents’ best interests, above those of the applicant’s.
“I regret to say that once again you have all been sidelined by your officials and your authority completely undermined.”

The county council said it had been agreed the item should not be considered at the meeting as an urgent matter and that it would be inappropriate to provide a statement to the press.

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