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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Response to Sainsbury's planning story

Martin Crumpton, researcher for the group Keep Llangollen Special, has sent in this response to our story posted yesterday (Wednesday) about the row surrounding conditions on the Sainsbury's planning permission to build a new store in Llangollen:
What an amendment is:
a·mend (clip_image001-mclip_image002ndclip_image003)
v. a·mend·ed, a·mend·ing, a·mends
1. To change for the better; improve: amended the earlier proposal so as to make it more comprehensive.
2. To remove the faults or errors in; correct. See Synonyms at correct.
3. To alter (a legislative measure, for example) formally by adding, deleting, or rephrasing.
4. To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.
To better one's conduct; reform.
Examples of amendments, in this case, would be:
· No in-store butcher except on Bank Holidays
· No in-store butcher except for lamb chops
· No in-store butcher except for Kosher and Halal meats
Examples which are NOT amendments would be:
· Oh, go on, then – have an in-store butcher
· Have an in-store butcher but it can’t be run by a family of inuits without UK work permits
· Go ahead and have an in-store butcher but it must not provide Internet access to customers
A spokesperson for the county council said: “We respect the concerns expressed over the process of drafting conditions on the planning permission for the foodstore on the Dobson and Crowther site, and we have responded directly to the individuals raising them.”
I have received no such response, but I’m intrigued to see others have raised similar complaints. I am also pleased – but not entirely hopeful – to see this is now subject to a complaints procedure.
I look forward to the next Planning Committee meeting when this is brought up.
Martin Crumpton

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