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Sunday, November 11, 2012

AM calls for Hillsborough-style abuse probe

A Hillsborough-style inquiry should be held to get at the real truth about institutionalised abuse in Great Britain.

That was the suggestion from Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates during a TV interview earlier today (Sunday).
Mr Skates (pictured right) was one of three AMs who took part in a discussion about the fallout from allegations of abuse at the former Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham, which eventually led to the resignation of BBC director general George Entwistle on Saturday evening.
Asked for his opinion on the week’s unfolding story Mr Skates, himself a former journalist, said he feared what had happened at the BBC in the wake of false accusations against a prominent Conservative figure on the Newsnight programme might lead to “more timid” journalism but added it was essential that journalists treated witnesses to child abuse with much more care in the future.
He also said he thought it was important that two inquiries into child abuse ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier in the week should go ahead as it was essential that the truth be discovered.
As the local member for the area around Bryn Estyn, Mr Skates was asked by the presenter what local reaction to the week’s events had been.
He said feelings had been “running incredibly high” and that local people simply wanted the truth to come out.
Going further, he called for a Hillsborough-style review into the whole question of “institutionalised abuse” in the country.
Mr Skates also spoke of his work with the colleagues in the Labour-led Welsh Government to ensure that the rights of young people in care went beyond the ages of 18 or 21. 

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