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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going gets tougher for Louisa in India

The going is getting tougher for Louisa Jones of Llangollen Operatic as she tackles increasing difficult terrain on her charity bike ride through India.

Louisa is taking part in a marathon 220-mile trek through the sub-continent as part of the Action for Charity’s Women V Cancer Cycle Challenge to raise cash for three women’s cancer charities.
She is one of around 90 other intrepid women cyclists from across the UK riding over pothole-strewn roads in 30 degree heat from the city of Agra – home of the iconic Taj Mahal - through the rural state of Rajasthan in north-west India to the capital, Jaipur.

Louisa (pictured right) is sending back daily reports to keep llanblogger readers updated on her progress.
In her latest report she says: "Today has been really challenging both physically and mentally.

We set off at 7am again and started our 84km journey along a highway.

"This was hard going. We were all tired from a long day yesterday plus saddle soreness and aches and pains had started to set in.
"The terrain had been quite varied; at the start of today we rode through a fairly lush area but by mid morning this had turned arid and undulating with some sections off road and rocky.

Setting off after lunch we faced a 2km uphill climb on a winding mountain road.
"We were all elated to reach the summit and people were visibly emotional to have achieved something they never believed they could. I
"In addition to raising money for charity, this is a huge personal journey for a lot of us.

Tonight we camp on the edge of a tiger reserve. I am just hoping they are well fed...."
Keep reading llanblogger for her daily updates.

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