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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cittaslow group meets at Town Hall

About a dozen members of Llangollen’s new Cittaslow group had their second monthly meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening.

Cittaslow grew out of the ‘Slow Food’ movement in Italy to encourage people to use local businesses and delight in local produce.
Now it is a worldwide organisation and is a demonstration that a community is serious about sustainability – economic, social and environmental.
In some respects Cittaslow is rather like business certification schemes such as ISO 9000 and ‘Investors in People’ which reassure potential investors and customers that a business is well run and progressive.
Similarly Cittaslow membership says a lot about a town and can be the key to unlocking funds from central government and the EU in support of local initiatives.
Mold, the first Cittaslow town in Wales has benefited enormously from it.
One of Keep Llangollen Special’s members, Phil Thane, suggested to the town council back in 2011 that Cittaslow embodied many of the things that the council was trying to achieve with its Town Plan - and which KLS are also trying to achieve with things like its Buy Local days.
The council took up the idea and following Phil’s election to the council in May 2012 asked him to lead the group which is aiming to get Cittaslow status for the town.
The working group consists of three councillors and representatives from a wide range of community associations, including Philk Robinson, editor of llanblogger.
At this week’s meeting, members discussed various measures and initiatives which could help quality Llangollen for Cittaslow membership.
There’s a lot of work to be done though, so each group member will be calling on their friends and associates for help.
If someone approaches you, please get involved, we need everyone’s help and enthusiasm.
If you want to get involved, but are not a member of any of the community groups contact Phil Thane by e-mail at

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