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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Intrepid Louisa takes a tumble on her India ride

* Louisa Jones is riding across India.
The Llangollen Operatic star riding across India as part of a charity challenge has taken her first tumble of the trip, ending up bruised after a trip over rthe handlebars.

Louisa Jones is taking part in a marathon 220-mile trek through the sub-continent as part of the Action for Charity’s Women V Cancer Cycle Challenge to raise cash for three women’s cancer charities.
She is one of around 90 other intrepid women cyclists from across the UK riding over pothole-strewn roads in 30 degree heat from the city of Agra – home of the iconic Taj Mahal - through the rural state of Rajasthan in north-west India to the capital, Jaipur.
Louisa is sending back daily reports to keep llanblogger readers updated on her progress.
Her latest e-mail, sent after Day 2 of the challenge, says: Today has been really tough. We got up 5.30 and were on the road for 7.00 after breakfast and warm up.
“The route was 94km across undulating terrain with very poor quality roads. Added to that, today is Diwali which has meant that the villages and towns have been busier than usual.

“Diwali was brilliant to experience and we greeted people as we passed by with "happy Diwlali" and were able to take in the festive atmosphere but it did make for difficult cycling in those built up areas as it meant we had to negotiate crowds of people in the party mood in addition to the usual cows, pigs, goats, camels and scooters!
“In one such town, I was cut up by a jeep and managed to nose dive over my handle bars and ended up face down in the dirt. When I picked myself up I was surrounded by curious children keen to assist me with my bike. Thankfully I only suffered dented pride and a fist sized bruise on my leg!

“We cycled almost 60km before stopping for lunch at the roadside on an exposed country road surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The temperature at that time was over 30 degrees and some ladies suffered and a few ended up in the support vehicle.

“We reached our destination, a run down but beautiful country palace, around 5pm in time for Diwali celebrations with the local school children. I was even joint first through the gates, which was a real bonus for me!

“More again tomorrow!”

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