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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Statement from health campaigners

Campaigners in Keep Llangollen Health Services issued the following statement today:

Llangollen treated with contempt by Health Board
Llangollen Hospital has now been closed against the wishes of the people of Llangollen.
Does that mean that we give up the fight? NO!
A public meeting will be held at the Hand Hotel, Llangollen, on Tuesday evening, 26 March, at 7pm. Please join us.
The Health Board will hold a meeting in Llangollen sometime in April with 'stakeholders'. Who are the most important stakeholders? Us, the residents of Llan and the Dee Valley. How come we haven't heard about the meeting let alone been invited to it?!
The Health Board made several promises.
1) To build a new health centre by 2015.
  • Having spoken to key figures in authority within the County Council and the Health Board we have found that they haven't even got a business plan. Remember, they consulted on these plans back in August - without even a business plan!
2) To provide a Home Enhanced Care Service
  • Again this was in the consultation document back in August 2012, yet those charged with planning this service had their FIRST meeting only a fortnight ago! It isn't due to be in place until the end of May - that's 3 months without any hospital service in Llan.
  • They don't have the staff to provide this service and are struggling to fill rotas.
3) That patients needing hospital beds will go to Chirk Hospital or a private care home.
  • According to freedom f information data we've received during 2011-12 Chirk hospital was working flat-out at 98% capacity. They do a fantastic job in difficult circumstances, but there's no room there for more!
  • We've spoken to the care homes in the Dee Valley and NONE of them have been contacted by the health Board to see if they could accommodate NHS patients! They are also concerned that they might have to re-register, as they are governed by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales, and have different standards from the health needs of patients - they provide elderly care not paliative care. The care home option is therefore NOT an option.
4) Close the hospital.
  • They've kept this promise.
The health board have broken their promise! They have treated us the people of Llangollen and the Dee Valley with complete contempt and have let us down.
Please attend the meeting at the Hand on Tuesday to help us plan our next steps. We need to unite to insist that the new Health centre will include at least 10 hospital beds as well as improved health services.
Thank you.
Mabon ap Gwynfor
Keep Llangollen Health Services
Hand Hotel, Llangollen
26 March 7pm
Lobby new Health Minister
Venue Cymru, Llandudno
23 March 2pm

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