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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buy Local Day in store for next Friday

Local shops can supply you with smaller, useable quantities of food at the right price – unlike the large packs supermarkets try to persuade you to buy.

That is one of the key messages from community group Keep Llangollen Special (KLS) as it organises its next Buy Local Day.
Timed for next Friday, March 8– usefully just a couple of days before Mothering Sunday – this will see a number of businesses in Llangollen offering special deals to savvy local shoppers.

KLS chair Mike Edwards (pictured left) said: “We are distributing printed colour flyers to residents in the next few days - Maesmawr is already done - and also getting a version of the new Buy Local poster to the shops around town.

“We are encouraging shopkeepers to make a special offer to local residents on the day and KLS are co-operating with the Slow Food initiative supported by the Town Council.”
Mike added: “We would strongly recommend residents to buy fresh quality local food and not travel outside Llangollen and support the local economy and supply chain.
“KLS has found from a survey carried out that local produce is actually very competitively priced and its possible to buy quantities you actually need not large packages which supermarkets encourage you to buy with resultant high levels of wasted food.
“So our strong message to Llangollen people is Buy Local next Friday.”

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