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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KLS lashes out over hospital closure

Community group Keep Llangollen Special (KLS) has attacked health chiefs and politicians over the closure of the town’s community hospital. 

KLS chair Mike Edwards (pictured below) said: “As the Welsh Government released their much heralded framework Vibrant and Viable Places, we are totally dismayed at the double speak from politicians who say things like, ‘The Welsh Government’s vision is that everyone in Wales should live in well-connected vibrant, viable and sustainable communities with a strong local economy and good quality of life’.  
“They claim to place health and well-being high in their priorities together with stressing the importance of town centres being vibrant and viable places.  

“Exactly how will the closure of our community hospital, which was conveniently located for Llangollen residents, achieve these aims because it will clearly increase vehicle journeys for patients and their family and friends support network? 

“This proposal by BCUHB breaches the Welsh Government's policies in relation to sustainability which are enshrined in Planning Policy Wales and fails to take into consideration the views of residents and damages the environment of an AONB by increasing vehicle journeys out of the area to Mold, Wrexham and Chirk etc. 

“It is extremely sad that Llangollen Hospital has closed after 137 years, but to add insult to injury neither the health board nor the local GP Practice have had the decency to keep patients in the loop and communicate with them as to when changes would actually take effect.  

“If you turned up for a blood test at the hospital on Monday morning you would have found it closed! 

“BCUHB have proceeded with stealth leading to the view that they wished to push through their decisions before the Health or First Minister could intervene and stop the proposals.  

“However, lack of action from the Health Minister or the First Minister could also persuade people that WG are actually culpable in this plot to rob Llangollen of its Community Hospital. 

“Welsh Government and public bodies claim to want decisions to involve and be led by communities, but they actually push their plans forward regardless and totally disrespect those very local communities and their residents.”

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