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Saturday, July 28, 2018

8.30pm update on the fire

North Wales Police has just tweeted an update on the ongoing saga of the fire raging through the mountainsides above Llangollen.

Around 8pm their tweet said: “Fire in #Llangollen - due to a change in wind direction it has been required to close the new as well as the old Horse Shoe Pass sections of road. Please
continue to avoid the area. Thanks for your cooperation

This follows a worrying report from Llangollen’s deputy mayor, Cllr Issy Richards, this afternoon to llanblogger after she had taken the latest consignment of supplies to firefighters.

She said: “Just been up. Conditions deteriorated on the Pass, thick smoke low down … awful smoke on the top near Ponderosa. Took hot food from kebab house on the corner £125. None needed tonight but hot needed tomorrow lunch and tea.”

In their own tweet at around 8pm tonight North wales Fire & Rescue Service said: “#Llangollen fire update - 9 appliances still in attendance. Smoke still
drifting far afield - if you see/smell smoke it could be from
#Llantysilio fire unless you see source of fire /flames. Both old &
new Horse Shoe Pass rds now closed so avoid area. Thanks for your cooperation.

In response to calls yesterday on social media for the army to be drafted in to help the firefighters battle the blaze, Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones (pictured) responded to llanblogger earlier today: “I would support that if the firefighters themselves felt it were required.
“North Wales Fire and Rescue are working tirelessly in a difficult situation and stressful weather conditions, making the safety of local residents their priority.

“I have worked closely with local firefighters in the past on saving the second fire appliance for our area. I trusted their judgment absolutely – and if they believe army back-up to be required, they will have my support in calling for it.

“However, my view is that we most listen to the professional judgment of our excellent, dedicated firefighters on this matter.

“My thanks to the firefighters for the excellent job they are doing.” 

Below is a message which went out earlier today to all county councillors from Denbighshire County Council ...

As you are aware, a fire has been burning at Llantysilio Mountain near the Horseshoe Pass for over a week and it intensified Thursday night into Friday.

Our countryside teams have been working with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service during this period. They are helping with the work of digging trenches, so that fire breaks can be created to try and prevent the fire from spreading.

The county has well-prepared arrangements in please for dealing with major incidents and the Council is working closely with the Fire and Rescue Service, the lead agency in the response.  We are keeping in close contact with the incident commander who is managing the situation and we are proactively responding to requests for assistance.

Both the police and the fire and rescue service have advised people to stay away from the location and to leave the response to the agencies involved. That message has been relayed to the public via the media and social media and that advice still stands.  Our own press team are re-sharing these messages.

The Horseshoe Pass has also been closed as a precautionary measure.

Social Services are also on stand-by to assist to open a rest centre, should any evacuations be necessary.  There are 12 properties in the nearby vicinity that may need to be evacuated. However that has not been necessary at this stage and the situation is being constantly monitored.

We will keep you informed of any developments.

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