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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Valley Girls WI goes into suspension


WI members are briefed on the Coppafeel breast cancer campaign in 2019.

* Above and below: Outdoor activities Valley Girls members have enjoyed.

After seven years in operation the Valley Girls WI has announced that it has gone into suspension.

Since its formation its members have taken part in a wide range of activities, from fundraising for good causes to archery and canoeing. 

The statement it has issued says: "This is official notice of us suspending ourselves as a WI. 

"This decision was made at an online meeting held on Thursday 26th March.

"We have tried to contact all current members as well as past members, attendees and supporters of Valley Girls WI with this news. 

"But for any we have missed off the email list we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your involvement, attendance and support you have given the WI at various times in our seven year history.

"The term suspend is used because we now have a three year window in which we could either reform ourselves or a new group or individuals could come forward to restart/reform this WI.

"If anybody is interested in taking the WI forward either to reform Valley Girls WI or make a new one for this area then please contact us here and we can put you in touch with a WI Advisor for this area.

"We would also be happy to share any information and offer support to any individuals or a new team who want to take this on."

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