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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Wales to benefit from extra UK government funding, says MP

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes says Wales will benefit from £400 million of additional UK Government funding for health and social care services in Wales.

As a result of last week’s announcement by Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, a further £7 billion will be made available for NHS and social care services. 

This means that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will benefit from an additional £1.3 billion. 

This funding for devolved governments is determined by the Barnett formula and it is therefore ultimately the decision of the Welsh Government of how to spend the money in Wales.

Additionally, the UK Government has set out its vision for the future of clinical research, developed by all four nations of the United Kingdom. 

The vision is designed to improve the speed and efficiency with which the UK Government sets up studies, uses digital platforms to deliver clinical research, and makes research more diverse and relevant to the whole UK. 

As a result, demonstrating a continued shared commitment to work collaboratively, ensuring the UK remains a world-leader in innovative research for the benefit of all four nations.    

Simon Baynes said: “I very much welcome the news that Wales is set to receive more funding from the UK Government, which will be vital for our NHS services and social care services here in Wales. This is once again a clear example of how the UK Government is committed to ensuring all four nations are able to benefit, with no one left behind. And I would urge the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff to use this money for the benefit of our Welsh NHS and its staff.”

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