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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Town council pledges support for crisis-hit railway


Llangollen Town Council has pledged to do all it can to support Llangollen Railway which has announced plans to call in receivers.

As revealed by llanblogger, the railway said in a statement that the company which runs the heritage attraction had run up big losses over the past three financial years with the result that it was now insolvent to the tune of about £350,000 and could not legally continue trading.

In its own statement this afternoon the town council says: “We are saddened to hear of the difficulties being faced by the Llangollen heritage railway.

“The potential loss of such a valued company would be tragic - a heritage railway which has been restored and run by the endeavours of so many volunteers.

“For years, the railway, as well as being a treasured tourism attraction has provided valuable employment through its engineering works and has also had a positive effect on the careers of local youngsters who have benefited from their apprenticeship scheme.

“The council itself has limited funds to be able to offer any direct assistance but will do whatever it can to ensure prosperity of the railway in the future and wishes the new board of directors well in their endeavours to secure a future for the railway.”

The Town Mayor, Councillor Austin Cheminais, commenting on the news said “Llangollen’s Heritage Railway has been 45 Years in the making and is a major tourist attraction and great asset to the town.

“Its loss would be a major blow to all of those employed by the railway and also to the wider local economy.

“As a council we will do all we can to support the trustees and board as they find a way forward.”

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