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Friday, October 18, 2019

Llangollen Business Improvement District (BID) update

Kevin Brownell, project manager of the consultants Mosaic Partnership, has prepared this update, exclusively for llanblogger, on the Llangollen Business Improvement District (BID)

Consultation over the proposed Llangollen BID is continuing. 

A BID is an arrangement whereby businesses get together, decide what additional improvements they want to make, how they are going to manage and deliver those improvements and what it will cost them. 

This all goes into a business plan which is voted on by all those who would have to pay. 

The BID can last for a maximum of five years and must be able to demonstrate how it has benefited businesses who have funded it.

The BID organisers have been in Llangollen this week speaking to businesses to discover their priorities for the town centre.

The feedback from this consultation will go into a producing a summary business plan which will outline potential project area’s the BID could focus on to deliver improvements for businesses. 

This will form the basis for further consultation in November where potential levy payers will have further opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on the proposals.

Following this period of consultation, the BID organisers with the help of the BID Task Group, a representative group of businesses that volunteer to work towards developing the BID, will produce the Final Business Plan. 

This will outline exactly what the BID is proposing to deliver, how it will be governed, and funded. 

This will be sent to all businesses in the proposed BID area in January 2020 before a full 28-day postal ballot begins in late February. 

This will be the businesses' chance to decide if they want the BID to go ahead.

* To find out more about the BID please visit or contact Project Manager Kevin Brownell on 07496 718580 or

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