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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sainsbury's says interest shown in Llan site

Sainsbury’s has told Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates that a “number of people” are interested in taking over the site on the A5 in Llangollen where it is now intending to build a new supermarket.

The revelation has come in an email to Mr Skates from a senior official of the company.
David Mills tells the AM: “We are in advanced discussions with a number of people interested in the site.

“I am hopeful we can give you some more concrete news in August.”
Mr Skates said:  “It’s very encouraging to hear that there is serious interest in the Sainsbury’s development and that the company is in advanced talks with a number of potential tenants.
“I am hoping to have a meeting with Sainsbury’s next month, so I look forward to being able to give my constituents some more good news following the announcement regarding the Dobson & Crowther buy-out earlier this week.

“Whatever happens, we won’t be left with an empty shell.

“The Sainsbury’s building will be finished and it will be occupied, which will mean jobs created for the people of Llangollen and money being invested in the town.” 
Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies, a strong supporter of the supermarket plan, said: “I am more than happy that there looks as if there will be a good outcome to this saga.

“The printworks and supermarket development was always about jobs and that was what I was elected on.
“Hopefully, the new owners of the printworks will be able to take on the old, massively experienced workforce as well as the proposed new tenants of the supermarket site being able to take on a similar amount of people as Sainsbury’s would have.

“I see that the prime objectors to the original applications have now done a massive U-turn, via a news website, on the printworks

“How hypocritical. Are they going to do the same thing to these potential new tenants of the other site who will be offering jobs to Llangollen people?”

Response from Keep Llangollen Special ...

The latest batch of disingenuous, triumphalist and snide remarks about U-turns has appeared, attempting to mask the succession of bad decisions which led to the supermarket failure and the printworks failure. KLS has always sought to protect jobs and business in Llangollen and never once placed any at risk by making unrealistic promises
We said the proposed Sainsbury’s wasn’t viable. Events proved that to be true.
We said that Dobson & Crowther wasn’t viable in the current economic climate. Events proved that to be true as well.
All the rest has been character assassination, which we wholly reject.
What emerges clearly is the residents of Llangollen are always excluded from negotiations by old-school paternal politics. Even now, details are being kept secret from us, stifling any discussion or debate on our own future.
From anyone’s point of view, the first priority should be to protect – even strengthen – the heart of Llangollen, and we support any new, complementary business which provides skilled work. This has been our position from the outset and no amount of self-aggrandising spin can alter that. Uppermost in our minds should always be forward-thinking for the futures of our youngsters, a priority KLS has never lost sight of for short-term gain.
Chair ╬×Keep Llangollen Special╬×


  1. Instead of whispering in corners with our so-called representatives, Sainsbury's should be speaking to the real people of Llangollen. If there were any justice in this crazy situation, local people would be involved in deciding who takes over the tenancy. After all it will have long-lasting effects on the town's future prosperity.

  2. totaly agree and it seems to me that everyone seems to be missing the point here
    we fought for a supermarket here so we dont have to travel to wrexham or oswestry not tp do our weekly shop
    yes there maybe lots of other interest by other in the site and as some have speculated tweeds mills, or ifor williams,and it may create jobs but lets be honest here tweed mills is basicaly a tourist related business and we want somthing that will benifit the locals not tourists and if anything oother than food related then new planning will have to be sort prolonging the process