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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Railway launches urgent appeal to save crucial Dee Bridge

* Urgent repairs are needed to Dee Bridge on the line of Llangollen Railway.

Llangollen Railway has launched an urgent appeal to raise £15,000 for repairs to a Victorian bridge vital to its running of trains.

In a post on its Facebook page, the railway's fundraiser officer Paul Bailey says: "If we are to run trains over the Dee Bridge next year we first have to renew the timbers on the bridge.

"This work, including purchasing the timbers, is costing £15,000 - monies the railway currently has not got.

"We have therefore launched an appeal to raise these monies without which we will not be able to carry out the necessary repairs to run train services in 2021.

"If anyone wishes to contribute to this appeal please contact me on 01490 450271, or email for payment methods."

A railway spokesperson said: "The bridge dates from 1865 when the line opened but is a remarkable survivor as the scrapman didn't demolish it in 1968 when the line was closed by Beeching.

"Without it remaining in situ the infant Llangollen Railway would never have got beyond Pentrefelin.

"The LR society, as it was, renovated it in 1984 with some grant aid as part of the extension to Berwyn.

"The need for renewal now is for the timbers which support the rails across the steel structure - a regular maintenance job. It is made more complex this time by the lack of income when no trains are running, with the appeal to members and supporters for cash to allow the expensive new timbers to be purchased ahead of replacement work in 2021."

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