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Saturday, October 3, 2020

New faces join revived Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group

* The Facebook logo of the coronavirus help group.
As a new local lockdown begins the highly successful Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group has swung back into action.
The group was set up by Cat Meade, from Wingetts estate agents in Castle Street, just days after the Covid-19 crisis began back in March.
With a help of a large network of volunteers it ran a host of vital community services  ranging from the sourcing and supply of PPE for the those in the front line to the regular delivery of prescription meds and daily newspapers to vulnerable people shielding across town.
Cat even found time to run a series of popular raffles for the benefit of local businesses and good causes in the area.
Cat is still involved but now there are two new co-ordinators with the group, town councillors Austin “Chem” Cheminais, who is also Llangollen’s town crier, and his colleague John Palmer.
Cat said on Facebook of the changes: “As we are now in local lockdown for two weeks just a quick update to advise plans are in place to assist. Councillors Austin Cheminais and John Palmer are on board assisting our community going forward.
“I am unable to pick up the main control role due to work and personal life, however I will be on here for updates and always in the background.
Hopefully, this will be two weeks, however let’s follow the guidelines and keep our town safe.
“Please support local businesses during this time #shoplocal #helpout #eatlocal.
“Dee Valley Produce are continuing to offer local delivery to your door. The Three Eagles, Riverbanc and Fouzis Cafe all have plans in place to keep you safe, they need us locals now more than ever.
“Most shops, cafes, pubs, hairdressers, barbers continue to operate. Just follow the #social distance #facemask #handwash and keep safe.
“Unfortunately, major businesses in town have had to stop services. We all need to follow the guidelines to ensure all businesses in our Town can survive the long haul.”
Cllr Cheminas said: “As we move into another, hopefully temporary, lockdown and in preparation for what could be some difficult months ahead the Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group plans to resume its work and set up a new network of support in Llangollen for those who need help, are isolated, or are vulnerable during these difficult times.
“We hope to provide regular contact and support with shopping.
“If you need support or know of anyone who you think we could help please contact: Austin Cheminais (Chem) on 07813 761766 and John Palmer on 07515  051696 
"If you need help collecting prescriptions contact Sheena Grindley on 07592 018533."

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