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Thursday, October 29, 2020

County council publishes temporary traffic order for town centre

Denbighshire County Council has published the temporary traffic order which it is introducing in Llangollen town centre.

The council says it is making the order for “reasons of public safety following the pandemic and in accordance with Welsh Government regulations”.

The aim, it says, is to “facilitate easier on-street mobility of the public on foot or by pedal cycle with greater self-distancing for individuals”.

The order describes how it will come into force on Monday November 2 and remain in force for a maximum of 18 months.

The order enables the council to:

* Reverse the one-way restriction on Church Street between its junction with Chapel Street and its junction with Regent Street. 

This, says the council, will reduce instances of ‘rat running’ and provide improved access to schools and the town centre for pedestrians and cyclists.

* Introduce a widened pedestrian area on the eastern side of Castle Street between its junction with Bridge Street and its junction with Regent Street. 

This will be achieved with the introduction of bolt-down kerbing and will provide enhanced facilities for people to social distance and travel actively. 

To facilitate this work, on-street parking will be suspended on Castle Street for the duration of the trial period.

* Introduce a one-way restriction on Market Street between its junction with Castle Street and its junction with East Street. 

Vehicles will be allowed to enter Market Street from Castle Street and proceed in a westerly direction. 

The purpose of this restriction is to provide an additional loading bay, for use by businesses, along the north side of Market Street.

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