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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Roadworks problem is highlighted at site meeting

A site meeting was held on Friday morning between contractors, county councillors and residents to discuss problems with a roadworks diversion.  

People from Fron Bache were concerned that work on the renewal of a water main on nearby Vicarage Road, due to start on June 15, would lead to their road being closed for five weeks, leaving traffic having to use Grange Road as a diversion for five weeks.

One resident, former county councillor Stuart Davies, said: "This would be impossible, a narrow sub-standard country lane being used by delivery vans, residents, emergency vehicles and no passing places."

Mr Davies explained how, after being contacted by fellow residents to help, he had phoned the appropriate county council officer and the contractor for the work and a site meeting was fixed between all parties involved.

He said: "I spoke to the contractors representatives and they assured me that they weren’t now going to close Fron Bache. 

"Another look at the site and a visit to Grange Road made them realise what a bad idea it was. 

"They had also spotted that the connection to Fron Bache wasn't in the middle of the highway but at the side and said that they were going to put the water main on the kerb-line so they wouldn’t need to block Fron Bache to connect the new main.

"So no closure but there will be some delays as they work with dump-trucks and so on but not too bad."

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