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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

MP backs community power generation schemes Bill

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes (pictured) has signed up to support the Local Electricity Bill in Parliament.

The Bill seeks to enable small, community-scale generators to become local electricity suppliers and sell their energy directly to local people.

Currently, a community that generates its own energy - for example, a housing estate with solar panels – cannot sell the energy they generate directly to local people, but must sell it to a utility which then sells it on to customers. 

The Local Electricity Bill would give small-scale suppliers the right to sell their energy directly to local people and make it financially viable to do so.

Simon Baynes said: “Corwen is a good example of a community that would benefit in terms of additional income. They are already at the forefront, having launched their own renewable energy project pooling power from a local hydro scheme and domestic solar panels.

“I think this Bill has real potential to boost renewable energy projects, like we see in Corwen, and provide more environmentally-friendly, potentially cheaper energy for people in communities across Clwyd South.”

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