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Friday, June 5, 2020

More volunteers of the week are thanked

* Volunteer Melvyn Mile has been 
thanked by Cat Meade.

To mark National Volunteers Week, Cat Meade, co-ordinator of the Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group, has spotlighted the work of more local people who have been giving their services to help the community through the current lockdown. 

First one to be highlighted on Facebook is Melvyn Mile.
Cat says of him: "Melvyn called me a few days after I asked for volunteers, he has been assisting every week since, sometimes 4 or 5 times a week with Shopping Requests, Stans Collections, assisting with the VE Day deliveries, delivering #llangollenfamily t-shirts and generally says YES to any task I assign him.
"He has made a real impression on the residents he has helped, with many requesting Melvyn to help them, he is always so friendly and always has time for a quick chat at the door, always smiling.
"I asked Melvyn to tell me a bit about himself and he said: 'I should be retired but I also need something to do, or else I’d be very bored. So, whilst presently furloughed I normally work part time for a Wine Merchant in Oswestry,l
'I’m also a member of Llangollen Town Council and also Denbighshire CC.
'Whilst I’m getting on a bit, I’m relatively fit and as I said easily bored. So thought it only right to volunteer. I know what a personal shopper feels like now.
'Similar to Sheena and Chem (Buddy Calls), I’m on the Cittaslow Committee of the Town Council, one of its tenets is to facilitate groups to get together and by doing so, get more done locally. The volunteering seemed like direct action.'
"A BIG THANK YOU MELVYN, A true gent and a pleasure to get to know you. Please Join Me in Thanking Melvyn for his continued support to our Group."

* Mike Connolly's work has been recognised.
Second volunteer featured by Cat is Mike Connolly.

And of Mike Cat says on Facebook: "I first had the pleasure of meeting Mike when I was assisting the fire service 2 yrs ago, gaining supplies and food to help them battle the mountain fires, he was a real help back then and once again, as soon as I posted for volunteers for Covid 19 help he was straight in.

"Mike collected and delivered prescriptions for the first 6 weeks on an evening (when anyone missed the 3pm deadline) aswell as a Saturday.

"He took on the out of hours calls for the support group to give me a break (there are always a varied amount of calls in the helpline) sometimes very draining.
"Mike is also assisting his local friends, neighbours and relatives with daily, weekly shopping. Along with joining the support group as Admin on here he runs the helpline for CAB to assist with benefits and support to residents of Llangollen.
"A personal THANK YOU Mike for your ongoing support, a big tribute to singing at my Bishops Walk VE DAY Party. A thank you to your 'COOK' Val, for keeping you going and a Big Thank you from Connor who calls you Mike the Man.

"Please join Me in a HUGE Thank you to Mike. A wonderful, kind hearted Gentleman."
Also on Facebook, the town's deputy mayor, Cllr Issy Richards, has turned the tables on Cat by spotlighting her own excellent voluntary work on behalf of Llangollen people.

* The work of Cat Meade herself has come in for thanks. 
She's pictured here with her son Connor.

Issy says of her: "This week, Cat Meade has been highlighting the fantastic work being done by the people of Llangollen to help the most vulnerable. Let's say a BIG THANK YOU to Cat herself!

"Throughout the last 10 weeks Cat has dedicated her time to coordinating the community's response to Covid-19, via the FB Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group.

"To name just a few things, Cat has produced leaflets, enabled food and prescription drops, raised money, organised bingo, raffles which also benefit local businesses, and laundry services for key workers. She has genuinely helped to keep the community's spirits up!
"She's done all this as well as being a mum, and working for Wingetts. (Thanks Connor as well! ).

"For BBC Wales #WelshHeroes day, I sent a little video thanking Cat, it didn't get shown, the reporter said they had hundreds, so I'll include it now and say again, thank you Cat!"

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