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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Vicar reflects on a busy time of the year

* Father Lee Taylor's own picture of him decorating the church for Christmas.

Llangollen's vicar has been reflecting on one of his busiest times of the year for the Metro online.

Along with workers from the Red Cross, London Zoo, the Samaritans and a hotel chef Father Lee Taylor has been revealing what it's like to be working full-out over the Christmas period.

Father lee, who is responsible for four local churches, writes in today's issue: ‘Christmas is most certainly one of the busiest times of the year for priests, especially those of us that care for a group of churches. 

‘We know that Christmas is an extended festival that begins on 25 December and should continue for at least twelve days. 

But, sadly this is not the case (due to consumerism).

‘Every day and every evening during this period is filled with Christmas engagements and duties: carol services in schools and nursing homes, concerts, services. ‘[There are also] invitations to deliver a Christmas message or to be the after-dinner speaker at a Christmas function for the various organisations in the town, just to name a few of my responsibilities at this time of year. 

‘All full of joy and very good fun but very exhausting. 

‘I celebrate the Mass of Christmas Day in each of my four churches which are in and around Llangollen, north wales. 

After each service, I believe it is important to spend time greeting people as they leave the church.

‘So, by the time I have finished my final service at my fourth church, it is the early part of the afternoon. Then I go and take communion to those, who through illness or infirmity, are housebound. 

‘I am usually home and totally exhausted by the early evening and just want to go to bed but then find myself flat out on the floor with a large gin and tonic, trying to drown out the sound of carols whirling around my head.’

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