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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ambulance service prepares for busy New Year

THE Welsh Ambulance Service is reminding New Year’s Eve revellers to stay safe and know their limits as they ring in 2020.

As with Black Friday, the Trust has teamed up with blue light partners, health boards, St John Cymru Wales and local authorities across Wales to ensure one of its busiest nights of the year goes off without a hitch.

Louise Platt, the Trust’s Assistant Director of Operations, said: “After a busy Christmas period our ambulance service is preparing for New Year’s Eve with a plea to those celebrating to start 2020 safe and well.

“The traditional party night puts more demand on 999 call handlers, ambulance dispatchers, clinicians in the control room and ambulance crews than any other time of the year.
“Whilst most people will drink responsibly, unfortunately there are some who will overdo it.
“From causing a scene in a bar, falling over and breaking your leg, to driving home over the limit, we urge everyone to stop and think.
“We don’t have an endless supply of ambulances and our message is clear: behave responsibly and only call us if it is a genuine emergency.”The service is urging people to consider these tips to have a good time and keep safe:
·       Don’t drink on an empty stomach – make sure to eat something before you go out
·       Drink in moderation and pace yourself – alternate your alcoholic beverages with soft drinks or water
·       Don’t drink and drive – pre-book your taxi home or arrange a lift
·       Think carefully about when you jump in the car the following day – tiredness itself can impede your ability to drive
·       Keep away from hostile situations
·       Look after yourself and your friends

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