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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Changes to waste collection services

Denbighshire County Council has announced some changes to its waste and recycling collection services over Christmas.

There will be some changes to some normal collection days:

  • Monday, 23rd December will operate as normal
  • Tuesday, 24th December will operate as normal
  • Wednesday, 25th December will change to Thursday, 26th December
  • Thursday, 26th December will change to Friday, 27th December
  • Friday, 27th December will change Saturday, 28th December
  • Monday, 30th December will operate as normal
  • Tuesday, 31st December will operate as normal
  • Wednesday, January 1st  will change to Thursday, 2nd of January
  • Thursday, 2nd of January will change to Friday, 3rd January
  • Friday, 3rd January will change to Saturday, 4th January
  • Normal service will resume on Monday,6th January 2020.
Recycling Parks
Recycling Parks at Denbigh, Rhyl and Ruthin will be open to the public as normal every day except 25 December, 26 December and 1 January.  Winter opening hours are:
There will be no Saturday morning services at all on either 28 December or 4 January 2019.
Saturday recycling services will recommence as normal at Green Lane car park, Corwen on 18 January between 9am and 11am  and at Llangollen on 11 January between 9am and 11am.  

Christmas trees can be disposed of through the fortnightly garden waste service for subscribers, chopped up into pieces and placed in the bin.  Alternatively, people can take their Christmas trees to the recycling centres at Lon Parcwr (Ruthin), Colomendy (Denbigh) or Marsh Road (Rhyl).

Paper Christmas wrapping may be placed with the normal recycling but any wrappers made out of foil or has glitter should be disposed of in the waste bins.

Residents are asked not to over-fill their waste bins over Christmas and ensure they can close their bin lids, to avoid rubbish being strewn across streets during any strong winds.  People can place additional Christmas recycling enclosed in a cardboard box for collection. 

The Council is also reminding residents that bones from poultry can be placed in food waste bins.

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