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Monday, July 1, 2019

Wool project finds permanent new home

* The fleece which Gwlangollen works with.

A new project which aims to knit together wool producers and users has found a permanent new home in Llangollen.

llanblogger recently featured the work of Gwlangollen which, through the use of traditional craft skills, processes suitable fleece to produce unique, handmade soft furnishings and gifts to be sold locally.

The project has achieved this by bringing together fleece producers who are interested in developing the necessary skills to process some of their own fleece, competent crafters who can pass on their skills to others, and volunteers who enjoy learning and making together.

However, at the time of the article Gwlangollen was desperately in need of  an affordable workshop with a small area of outside space somewhere in Llangollen where it could contribute to the visitor experience of the town.

Since then the project has been offered space to create a working wool museum in the Lock-Up Heritage Centre, near the traffic lights.

Project spokeswoman Gill Britten said: "A massive thank you to Sue Hargreaves and the Armoury Conservation Trust. 

"We are hoping our museum will be ready by September this year. Our outreach work and close links with the Pentredwr Community will not change."

Gill added: "Llangollen was born on the back of wool trade. One of our aims is to reflect its history, and the skills used, when it was still a cottage industry. 

"Most families were involved at some level with the production of woollen fabric, either for their own use, or for sale. It was a whole community activity.

"If you have an old spinning wheel, or weaving loom of any size, taking up valuable storage space, we would love to include your items in our display. 

"Likewise with any of the smaller items involved with these crafts, such as drop spindles, bobbins, lucets, beaters, shuttles and combs. Items can be gifted or on a short or long term loan. Obviously your contributions will all be appropriately recognised.

"If anyone has any leftover, undyed, knitting yarn (wool not acrylic), a woollen blanket, some tweed fabric, flannel, or a sheepskin, we will gladly display it or up-cycle, according to your wishes. At one time, all these items were created and sold in Llangollen.

"If you would like to contribute to the exhibition please contact me. I will willingly collect your items and help free up your storage space.

"Lastly, I’d like to thank all those who sent good luck messages and other helpful suggestions following my last post. I really appreciate your support."

* Gill Britten can be contacted on 07871 774651.

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