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Sunday, July 28, 2019

WI's bra-skets raise £170 to fight breast cancer

* Town crier Chem summons passers-by the the auction of bra-skets.

* Above and below: a couple of successful top bidders.

Town crier Chem acted as auction master when Valley Girls WI members sold off their colourful display of hanging basket bras to the highest bidders this afternoon (Sunday).

As part of their fundraising during the Fringe Festival, they spent last Thursday hanging a collection of the "bra-skets" on a trellis fence outside the Town Hall.

They aim was to remind people of the importance of self-examination when it comes to the crucial early detection of breast cancer and also to raise money to fight the disease.

Today it was time to auction them off and after Chem - kitted out in his new airier kilt - attracted their attention a procession of well-wishers dug deep to buy the baskets for sums of up to £20 apiece.

The unusual auction blossomed into a useful final tally of £170.

Valley Girls spokeswoman Gail Ellson said: “It was mainly intended as a bit of fun to cheer up the town as we did with the Yarn Bomb back in 2016 when we hung knitted items around the town centre. It also ties in with the artistic nature of the Fringe Festival.

“We thought we should also use it for the good of the community and visitors to the town by linking with a Breast Cancer charity Coppafeel

She added: “There are several health care professionals amongst the Valley Girls whose job involves a lot of health promotion and health education.

A few of us have links with the Coppafeel charity through one of our colleagues Sandra Smith, who volunteers for Coppafeel.

“Sandra spoke to the Valley Girls back in May and we were all inspired to support the charity.

“The Braskets had health education leaflets attached to them which onlookers weree welcome to take away.

“The leaflets provide user-friendly information on breast self examination, which is essential in aiding the early detection and subsequent treatment of breast cancer.”

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