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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky local tales for Halloween

With Hallowe’en here again it’s time for llanblogger to look at some of the spooky tales associated with Llangollen over the years.

They are only to be read after dark in front of a roaring fire ...


* Tyn Dwr Hall. 
Northern Ghost Investigations’ website includes this spine-tingling story about Tyn Dwr Hall related to the time when it took in guests:
“One guest reportedly had a lengthy conversation with whom she thought was the hall’s gamekeeper complete with old fashioned clothes. Whilst checking out, she asked if she could speak again with the elderly gentleman.
“The receptionist at the Hall had no idea whom the lady was referring to but the lady insisted she had spoken to the old gamekeeper, regarding the animals and birds in the forest earlier that evening. Since then, there have been many reports of other people seeing this mysterious gentleman.
“When the Billiards Room was once a bedroom, one particular gentleman reported being woken up by the sound of the rustling of a lady`s dress and her underlying petticoats. The gentleman explained to the lady that she must be in the wrong room, which seemed to make her panic and then quickly disappear before his eyes.
“Since then there have been reports of footsteps being heard walking on floorboards even though the room was carpeted.”
* Plas Newydd.
The BBC North East Wales website features this account from medium Paula Roscoe, a member of local paranormal group WISP, about what she encountered during a vigil at historic Plas Newydd, home of the Ladies of Llangollen:

“As a medium, I am clairvoyant/clairsentient and clairaudient which means I can see, feel and hear spirits.

“In the Library I felt instant pain in my right shoulder and right temple area. As I stood within the Library I sensed someone coming in behind me, turning round expecting it to be one of our group, no one was there. 

“In the State Room I felt a man's energy very strongly. I kept getting the name 'Howard' I started to feel more pain, even breathless and it moved into my right lung.
“I was in the state bedroom and sensed strongly a military man. Very abrupt, stood no nonsense, a very proud man. When I asked him who he was he replied, ‘I've already told you, I'm Howard.’ He didn't take kindly to what we were doing calling it, ‘stuff and nonsense!’

“After asking my spirit guide if this was acceptable, we decided to do an Angel Board, which would enable the 'audience' to see the spirits answering us. Myself, Betty and two employees sat.
“Suddenly my guide was warning me as an angry person was trying to get on. I was being warned about this 'Viv'. Then I sensed a child. A boy. I asked my guide Harry, to help him come closer and the child nestled into my left side. He spelt out Graeak, but we sensed the name Gareth. Again I was given the date 1867.
“It came out that this little boy aged six was in the stables when Viv caused something to happen involving a horse and the boy was killed. He desperately wanted to be with his Mummy, but Viv kept him with her because of her shame and anger and guilt. She blamed herself, but also blamed him as she was dismissed, losing everything and became bitter.
“I asked for help that we could bring Gareth and his mummy together. I gave him a cuddle and held his hand as Viv was trying to keep hold of him. After a few minutes, I sensed a new spirit - Gareth's mother. I asked him if he could see her, he was so excited, he said yes and I allowed him to go and hold her hand.
“Before she left, Gareth's mummy wanted to speak with me. I asked if they were at peace now and she answered 'yes'.
“Gareth's mother was shouting abuse at Viv and Viv was answering, both extremely angry. Gareth's mother was hurt that she hadn't been able to get her son until now. Viv was angry that we had taken Gareth from her and she would be alone. The language made me blush! Most of this was caught on the Angel board. By now I was drained, as was everyone else emotionally.”
* The River Dee.
Another ghostly tale, this time about the River Dee again comes from the BBC North East Wales and concerns Lynn Douglas, a regular visitor to Llangollen, who recalled:
“I cannot say it is a story I have to tell but it is a rather puzzling circumstance I find myself in. In November of 2001 I started to visit Llangollen which I used as a base for work I was doing in the UK. I have been there now 11 times and have stayed in various cottages and the Royal Hotel.
“On my first visit I became quite fond of walking along the River Dee and found it quite soothing and somehow spiritual like. Upon my first return home to Canada I began to have dreams of the river, I heard the rushing of the water and the voice of a young woman in my dreams calling me to return.
“These dreams continued and have continued to this day. However, I no longer hear the young woman's voice calling me only in dreams, but at times during my daily routines. The voice is quite sad and almost weepy, and I also hear the rush of the water.
“Now when I return to Llangollen I can go to the river and feel her presence, at night when I am there I can hear the voice crystal clear above the sounds of the water. Whatever it is, the voice is calling me to return to Wales and to the river.” 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for mentioning my experiences in Llangollen, still to this day it is the same for me, and the below statement is still true.

    “Now when I return to Llangollen I can go to the river and feel her presence, at night when I am there I can hear the voice crystal clear above the sounds of the water. Whatever it is, the voice is calling me to return to Wales and to the river.”

    November 21st will be the 14th year, and once again after tea time I will walk along the stones of the River Dee, but this time, I know the reason for the feelings, and the voice, and more importantly, the dreams.

    My home is here, my heart is here, but more importantly my spirit lives here, in more ways than one.

    *I try to visit your site/blog daily and I enjoy it immensely....*