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Friday, August 10, 2012

Warning over scam text messages

* Watch our for scam messages from TV Licensing.
llanblogger has been contacted by a Cheshire resident to warn our readers about what appears to be a mobile phone text scam.

The person who got in touch with us says that over the past few weeks they have received three text messages purporting to be from TV Licensing which stated that they owed money on their license fee.

One of these told the recipient they could pay the outstanding sum at the “local payment office” at Llanfechell – which is on Anglesey – and the other two texts said the outstanding amount could be paid at such an office in Llangollen.

The texts claimed that various amounts, ranging from £5.60 to £9, were overdue and each had an 0300 phone number the recipient could ring for more details.

Llanblogger has checked into this and found a warning note issued by Nottinghamshire Police last year.

This said: “Please be aware that we have received reports of a text message scam from registered members of Nottinghamshire Alert.

“The scam takes the form of a text message being sent to individuals’ mobile phones.

“The text message states that it is from TV Licensing and reads: ‘TV Licence payment remains overdue. To clear your arrears you must pay £…. today.

“For help and advice call 0300 555 0293”.

“The text message states a variety of different values to individuals and in some cases reads slightly different.

“You are advised not to reply to the text message or call the number as there may be a charge for your reply.

“We would suggest ignoring the message and removing it from your mobile phone.

“The text message appears to be sent to a range of individuals some of which a TV Licence is not applicable to.

“Companies do not usually request payment via text message or other electronic communication methods such as email.

“This is usually done via letter and in some cases over the telephone with the appropriate security prompts in place.

“If you are concerned about the text message and believe you may have been sent it due to having an outstanding TV Licence balance you should make contact with the TV Licensing agency to confirm and discuss payment.”

The person from Cheshire who contacted llanblogger said: “I knew it was a scam right away because I live in a block of flats and our TV license is paid communally.

“As two of the texts received mentioned Llangollen I thought I would contact you to warn people in your area not to be taken in by it.”

There is no TV Licensing payment office in Llangollen. 

TV Licensing can be contacted via its website at

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