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Monday, August 27, 2012

Air ambulance lands near Glyndyfrdwy


* The helicopter pictured by our reader.
A keen-eyed llanblogger reader took this dramatic picture of what appears to be an air ambulance after it landed in a field alongside the A5 west of Glyndyfrdwy at around 1.30am on Sunday.
The photographer was travelling through the area at the time on one of the classic double decker buses which taking part in a special transport weekend at nearby Llangollen Railway.
He told llanblogger: "We were between Glyndyfrdwy and Corwen on a demonstration run when I saw the Wales Air Ambulance Service helicopter in the field alongside the road.
"The helicopter type is a Bolkow Bo.105.
"I think this one covers North Wales and is based at Caernarfon airport.
"It was attending a traffic accident on the west-bound carriageway near to the Berwyn Arms but I understand it did not take any injured away when it left.
"I cannot say for certain what vehicles were involved in the accident but the police were in attendance later."
As of 8am on Monday the North Wales Police news website gives no details of any accident at that point but we will keep checking and post an update if and when we receive one.
Meanwhile, if anyone has any further details of the incident we would welcome a note emailed to
We would also like to thank the photographer who sent in this great picture.  

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work by the photographer. It's rare that you come across good pictures of the air ambulance as most of the time the photographer is unable to get close to the scene or there are too many people/obstacles in the way. Kudos to the photographer who captured this one.

    Since the air ambulance did not transport any one to the hospital, they may have been dispatched to bring additional EMS support for the ground crew (I've heard of that happening a couple times before at least -- such as bringing a doctor or anesthetist to an accident scene quickly). I hope those involved in the accident were able to recover quickly from their injuries.