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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Protest group responds to AM's health service statement

Llangollen Protest, the campaign group which opposes the closure of Llan Cottage Hospital, has issued its official response to a statement on the issue from Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates, published earlier today by llanblogger. 

Unedited, it reads: 

“I'm at a loss to understand Mr Skate's claim to be representing the community's views to Betsi Cadwaladr.

“At the public meeting, although he was not invited to speak, it was by very definition, public, and he had the same right of entry as everyone else.

“Had he attended, he would have been left in no doubt whatsoever what the residents' views are.

“Perhaps he would be good enough to cease negotiating with Betsi Cadwaladr until the results of the referendum are in, and then there can be no doubts.

“I am also concerned at his insistence on diminishing the importance of the Powys Fadog project as merely a Martial Arts centre.

“Perhaps he should read about the project or speak with Pol Wong before writing Constituency Updates which display so little understanding of the facts.

“I am greatly alarmed, in fact, that he should write such blatantly misleading and undeniably incorrect statements as "a damning report recently condemning the previous idea of converting it into a Shaolin martial arts centre".

“There is no such report. In fact, the idea itself, which Mr Skates disparages, has never met with anything but high praise.

“Indeed, who would, or could, condemn the idea of a community hub with childcare facilities, social facilities, Welsh language tutelage as well as proven benefits in youth training, among other good intentions?

“In the recent past, Mr Skates has also claimed to have negotiated with Sainsbury's on behalf of the community - once again without consulting a single person first.

“I would ask Mr Skates to kindly cease and desist trying to obtain benefits for the community, at least until we've found out what his idea of benefits are and whether we, the residents, would actually consider them to be of benefit to us.

“Mr Skates must be sharply reminded that he is a representative, not a delegate.”

Llangollen Protest

1 comment:

  1. First, thank you for taking the time to blog for Llangollen, it is much appreciated.

    I'm assuming that the earlier report you mention is this one:

    Even with a text search I can find no mention of a 'damning report'.

    The facilities claimed for a new health centre would appear to be the equal if not better than the present facilities. Perhaps the LPs would discuss what they have against the new plans. It appears their main objection is the loss of the community centre plans if the health centre is built.

    With the present information, which is very sparse, and given a choice between the two, the health centre gets my support.

    Given the nature of blogs which allow long reflection, could we have more facts and less rhetoric from both sides?