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Thursday, August 23, 2012

AM hails new agreement on Dee caneoing

* A new agreement covers caneoing on the River Dee.
Local Assembly Member Ken Skates has welcomed news that anglers and canoeists have reached an agreement over access to the River Dee in and around Llangollen.
The ground-breaking agreement clears the way for many more canoeing events to be held on the river, while enabling anglers to enjoy their pastime.
Clwyd South AM Ken Skates said: “I want to pay tribute to everyone who has been involved in negotiating this agreement.

“I know how much hard work has been put into bring all the parties together and discussing this issue with the best interests of the region as a whole at heart.
“Both canoeing and angling are important sources of revenue for Llangollen and the Dee Valley, bringing visitors from throughout the UK – indeed the world – to enjoy our world class waters.
“This agreement will reduce conflict and allow huge stretches of the river to be used throughout the year, providing an enormous boost to local economy, particularly in the winter.”
The agreement will see unrestricted access for canoeists to the river Dee from below the Horseshoe Falls to Llangollen town weir between October 20 and March 31 each year, with provision for access to the river below the Chainbridge at certain river levels.


  1. The Dee is big enough to share all year round for its full length.

    Only reason for not sharing is greed and exclusivity. As an AM you should be promoting access for all, welcoming all visotors who contribute to our local economy and not for just those who are rich enough to afford a fishing permit.

  2. I disagree with the need for an agreement, and strongly believe in the right of navigation along rivers and access for all.

    One of the reasons I travel to other parts of the UK to spend my disposable income rather than go to Wales, is that all too often visitors are not made to feel welcome - access is easier in other parts of the country and I dont get abuse.

    Hopefully there might be less verbal abuse of paddlers and damage to their cars in future. Llangollen is a beautiful place, but its one of the few places i truly worry about my car when heading off to coduct my passtime.


  3. If canoeists really want to participate in their sport then pay up and contribute to the envoirenment like anglers do. As for contributing to the local economy you arrive in transit vans from England , block the road by the canal with parked vehicles, use the river, leave your litter, and then back home. I think that anglers have shown remarkable restraint in brokering this agreement but it is doomed to failure because canoists have no respect for anyone or anything that gets in their way.

  4. I agree with the above comments. Canoeists make no contribution to the rivers upkeep. They use any access they see fit regardless of trespass, and have no identification on their boats to enable aggrieved parties to register a complaint about their aggressive behaviour.