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Monday, August 27, 2012

Muddy towpath issue aired by councillor

Good to see one of the members raised an issue which was highlighted by llanblogger last month at the recent monthly meeting of Llan Town Council.
In one of our first articles in July we said something should be done about the stretch of the canal towpath from the wharf towards the Horseshoe Falls, which  turns rapidly into a mud bath whenever it rains.
The same matter was raised by Cllr Tony Baker at the meeting.
It was suggested by the mayor, Cllr Jon Haddy, this was an issue for the newly-formed Canals and Rivers Trust.
It was agreed that the trust should be contacted by the town clerk.
So, llanblogger hopes to see remedial work start soon. 

Flashback ....

llanblogger, Monday, July 16, 2012

Towpath puddles are no joke

                                                             * Puddles on the Llan Canal towpath
NOW that it is has taken responsibility for running the UK’s canals network the new Canals and Rivers Trust might well splash out on curing a long-standing problem in Llangollen.
While the towpath running from Llan to Trevor is solid and well drained the stretch from the wharf towards the Horseshoe Falls turns rapidly into a mud bath when it rains – as it has been doing quite a bit lately.
Puddle links up with puddle to turn a pleasant stroll into a soggy obstacle course.
The only way to negotiate the muddy waters is to find stepping stones across them or tiptoe precariously along the path’s stone edging, ebing careful not to fall in the canal and get an even bigger dowsing.
Why the quality of one stretch of towpath can vary so wildly from one nearby is a mystery – and one which the new Trust should address, llanblogger belives.
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