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Friday, November 13, 2020

Denbighshire planning guide now available

A definitive guide to complying with the planning process in Denbighshire has been produced.

The Denbighshire Planning Compliance Charter sets out how the planning process works in the county and includes a wide range of information, including details of the pre-planning service;  submitting planning applications; advice for complainants; how to report a breach of planning control; enforcement notices and planning investigations.

Councillor Mark Young, Cabinet Lead Member for Planning, Public Protection, Safer Communities and Domestic Abuse said: “I welcome the production and use of this very useful charter. This has been developed in consultation with our many City, Town and Community Councils across the county and aims to guide those involved in the planning compliance process.

“It is vitally important that the Council continues to take a proportionate approach to regulation, aiming to balance environmental protection with business support and growth. This charter provides helpful advice to those making complaints about potential breaches of planning control and to those who may have breached planning control. The planning compliance process is a complex and often time-consuming one. We hope that this charter guides those involved and manages expectations of the Council’s role.

“Not everyone applies for planning consent when they should. This is where the planning compliance function comes in. This charter sets out how the Council seeks to deal with the harmful effects of unauthorised works by ensuring that planning policies are applied proportionately but robustly.

“The charter’s primary purpose is to help complainants, alleged contraveners and other interested parties understand how the planning compliance function operates. The Council wishes to work alongside people to remedy unauthorised works, in the knowledge that working together is the most effective approach to dealing with breaches of planning control.

“We hope people getting involved in the planning process find this a useful and informative guide."

* The document can be found at: https:

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