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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

ORB team sees red to highlight their pandemic losses

* The OEB team lights up Llangollen's Royal International Pavilion. 

As a follow on from last month's Light It In Red campaign, the team from Llangollen's ORB Sound and Lighting Ltd were out again yesterday evening highlighting the struggle the Events Industry is still facing due to the pandemic.

Over the last four evenings they have visited 15 venues in which they were booked to work in this year before COVID-19 struck. 

Each venue was lit up in Emergency Red to try to highlight the worsening situation of their industry.

Since March Orb have lost 37 separate events which equates to over 100 days of work. 

Eleven of these events were festivals, nine were fundraising events for local charities and eight were projects involving talented youngsters.

To conclude their efforts in obtaining more support from the government, last evening they teamed up with all their local colleagues to light up the Royal international Pavilion in Llangollen.

* Here is a link to Orb's montage video of the other venues lit up

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