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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Picture special on new Vicarage Road development

* Signs warning of the closure of Hall Street and Willow Hill.

* A major excavation at the bottom of Willow Hill.

* The house at the corner of Willow Hill and Hall Street has given up a large part of its garden to the access road.  

* Land has been scooped out of the banking between Willow Hill and the youth centre.  

* Looking back down Willow Hill towards town.

* Part of the site for houses on the left-hand side of Vicarage Road is prepared.

* Earth-moving vehicles get to work to the left of Vicarage Road. 

* The housing site on the opposite side of Vicarage Road is cordoned off ready for construction. 

llanblogger brings you these pictures of works going ahead to prepare the access road to and site of the new £25 million Willow Fields development off Vicarage Road where SG Estates are building a range of  two, three, four and five bedroom homes.

SG purchased parcels of land along the left hand side of Willow Street heading up from the town from both private owners and the local authority to enable the widening operation to take place and no properties are affected.
The new road heads on past the youth centre where the company will upgrade the car park and put in four extra parking spaces.

The road then branches off left on a new section across the adjacent field. It follows the line of Vicarage Road into the housing development before joining up with the existing new section of road outside the homes built by Castlemead.
The original and narrower Vicarage Road will become a cycle path and pedestrian walkway.

SG managing director Steve Griffin recently told llanblogger that the new road and the diversion of services into the development site is costing £1.4 million.
He assured that construction work on the new homes would only start after the access road is finished which he estimated would take about 12 weeks.

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