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Monday, May 20, 2019

Business Improvement District plan makes progress

* The BID proposal centres of Llangollen town centre. 

Following representations from a group of Llangollen businesses, Denbighshire County Council successfully applied to Welsh Government for match funding to explore the possibility of a Business Improvement District (BID) for Llangollen.

A BID is an arrangement where businesses get together, decide what additional improvements they want to make, how they’re going to manage and deliver those improvements and understand what it will cost them.

This all is put in a comprehensive business plan which is then voted on by businesses.

If the majority vote yes then a BID is legally formed, providing sustainable and equitable funding to deliver that plan. 

It is a concept that has been successfully used to better manage and market over 300 places in the UK. The BID can last for a maximum of five years and must be able to demonstrate how it has benefited businesses that have funded it.

The Mosaic Partnership were appointed in October 2018 to explore the feasibility of a BID in the town and following engagement with more than 80 businesses, a financial analysis and presentations to business and public agency groups the assessment has concluded a BID is viable for Llangollen and to move forward with a ballot in early 2020.

The next phase will involve forming a BID Task Group with membership largely drawn from the local business community and The Mosaic Partnership  will work with the group to undertake extensive consultation and market research, develop the operating agreement, financial planning and the BID Business Plan.

Mo Aswat, Director of The Mosaic Partnership said: “It has been great to work in Llangollen which in many ways is a successful and attractive town. Businesses have realised that to keep it that way and develop it in the face of increasing competition needs a more professional and sustainable approach. BIDs are one such way as we have seen across the country,  and we look forward to moving on to the next stages here.”

Denbighshire County Council says it is supportive of this business-led process which will culminate in a democratic ballot in early 2020 to determine whether or not a BID is established in Llangollen.

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