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Friday, May 3, 2019

Former councillor ejected after heckling Prime Minister

* Sky News shows Stuart Davies heckling the Prime Minister.

Former Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies (pictured) was ejected from the Conservative Party conference at Llangollen Pavilion earlier today for heckling Prime Minister Theresa May.

After booming at Mrs May, “Why don’t you regisn?” he was escorted from the hall by a security man and went outside the building to conduct a series of media interviews which saw the incident featured on national TV news and in local media.

Mr Davies, who held one of the local county council seats until a couple of years ago, has been a Conservative Party member for a number of years and was Boris Johnson’s agent when he unsuccessfully contested the Clwyd South Parliamentary seat.

He said: “As a member I was entitled to attend the conference. I knew Theresa May would come today and reckoned that if she wouldnlt listen to anyone else she would listen to me.

“I think that they knew I was coming and had an idea what I was going to do, so before she came on one of the heavies came to sit next to me and whispered to me, ‘you’re not going to heckle, are you?

“I told him that sounded like a threat so I moved to another seat. My idea was to do my shouting at her and then leave of my own accord.

“I then stood up, cupped my hand to my mouth and shouted at her asking why she didn’t resign.

“I also shouted that Clwyd South Conservative Association didn’t want her after voting against her a few weeks ago, nor did the Confederation of Association chairmen.

“I was then escorted from the hall and went outside to do some media interviews. After that I tried to get back inside but they wouldn’t let me.”

He added: “As I left the hall I said I didn’t want to listen to anymore of her rubbish anyway. Her face was a picture. I sandbagged her good.

“I’m unrepentent about what I did because I’m fed up with the way she’s destroying the party and destroying Brexit. I made her look a fool.”



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