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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Report has radical ideas for town's parking and traffic

* The report suggests removing parking bays from Castle Street.

A range of proposals to ease town centre parking in Llangollen town centre are suggested in a report by consultants.

These include widening the pavements, narrowing the road, introducing trees and, most controversially, removing the on-street parking in Castle Street and also the pedestrianisation of part of Market Street.

Graham Timms, one of the area's county councillors who is leading the 2020 Group which is looking into parking and traffic problems and commissioned the study, briefed the town council on its contents on Tuesday night.

The report will be released for publish consumption later this week, he says.  

Meanwhile he has produced a statement for llanblogger.

He said: "The Llangollen 2020 working group have turned their attention to another thorny issue in Llangollen as they seek to produce a wide ranging plan for parking within the whole of the centre of the town.

"A report from the consultants Arcadis has made a number of suggestions to improve  parking in the town. However, the working group want to go much further to review all aspects of parking throughout the whole town centre.

"We've identified four main user groups who park in Llangollen and are looking at ways to address the needs of each one of these. The needs of local residents must be carefully considered in any plan, whilst we also make provisions for businesses, tourists and local pop-and-shop users.

"We are aiming to have a draft parking strategy by the late spring when we will hold consultations to give locals a chance to contribute before a final report is produced for Denbighshire County Council. This will sit alongside the much more detailed plans for improvement by Arcadis Consultants.

"The final Llangollen 2020 consultants report is to be published later this week and I updated the town council on the way forward on behalf of the steering group.

"The report suggests some major changes to the town to improve traffic flow and parking, whilst making the town a more pleasant place for locals, visitors and businesses.

"It will be available to download from Cadwyn Clwyd website by the end of the week and paper copies will be available to read in Llangollen Library.

"It lists a range of changes to Castle Street including widening the pavements, narrowing the road, introducing trees and removing the on-street parking in Castle Street. A mini roundabout by Llangollen Station, improved traffic light controls on the A5 and the pedestrianisation of part of Market Street."

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