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Monday, February 25, 2019

County warns over dog fouling culprits

Denbighshire County Council warning it will take action against those who wilfully allow their dogs to foul in public without clearing up the mess.

Figures for the number of dog fouling incidents recorded by the council  since 2014 show that the highest number of incidents happen over the winter months, in December, January and February.

Ninety-two incidents were reported in January 2015, 72 in January 2017 and 83 in January 2018.  The lowest number of incidents happen over the summer months. 

Research work has shown that this is due to the fact that days are darker and people assume they can allow their dogs to foul in public under the cover of darkness.

Councillor Brian Jones, Cabinet Lead Member for Highways, Planning and Sustainable Travel, said: “The figures show a real trend and it seems the winter months seem to be the main time for dog fouling. 

"We have seen plenty of evidence of dog fouling in dark areas where there are no street lights.

"Some individuals believe they can get away with not clearing up after their animals under the cloak of darkness.

"The only we way we can catch those responsible is by receiving information from the public.

“The majority of complaints that come in to the council are about dog fouling and residents have told us they would like to see this issue tackled. They see it as anti-social and being a blight on the landscape, as well as being a risk to people’s health.

“We have been carrying out an enforcement and education campaign over recent years and that work continues.  The majority of people clean up after their animals and we thank them for that.

“We are targeting these message at those who think it’s acceptable to leave their dog’s mess behind.  It’s not acceptable and those responsible could be issued with a fixed penalty notice or find themselves before the courts."

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