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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vicar's hopes for a return to normality after Covid-19

* St Collen's Church.

Llangollen's vicar says he hopes St Collen's Church could be open again for public worship by Palm Sunday (March 28) or even earlier.

Father Lee Taylor expresses his hopes for a return to normality following pandemic restrictions in an update on the church's Facebook page.

His post. yesterday (Saturday), says: "As you may be aware, churches in Wales have been legally allowed to open for communal worship (provided they pass a thorough and up-to-date Risk Assessment) but the advice from the Welsh Government, local health authorities and from the Diocese was to find 'alternatives to in-person worship' which is what we have done.

"At the current time, more than a third of the adult population of Wales has now had their first vaccine. The Welsh Government said on 11th February that the vaccination rollout in Wales would slow sharply. However, it is hoped that this will accelerate again in March.
"Although the picture on the horizon is looking hopeful, we must remember that we are still in lockdown under Alert Level 4. There is a long way to go until everyone is vaccinated.

"The UK government has said that the fightback against this disease rests with every single one of us. We must continue to follow the rules and 'hold our nerve' for the next few months. None of us is safe until all of us are safe.
"So we need to wait a bit and see what happens over the next few weeks until the next review from the Welsh Government on Friday 12th March.
"It is worth reminding you that the guidance published for the Church of England is not always going to be the same as that in the Church in Wales.
"It is hoped that we can gather together for public worship at St Collen’s in time for Palm Sunday, or even earlier than this.
"I know this is frustrating for many but our first concern is everyone's safety.
"Let’s all stay as safe as possible until we can again meet with confidence."

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