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Monday, February 8, 2021

Former mayor to stand in election for town council vacancy

* Stuart Davies is to stand for the vacant town council seat. 

One of the area's best-known politicians is bidding to make a council chamber comeback.

Former Llangollen town mayor and local county councillor Stuart Davies has declared his intention to stand as an independent in a by-election for the vacant seat on the Town Council on March 18.

He was mayor in 1998 and served as one of the two county councillors for Llangollen, first from 2004-2008 and again from 2012-2017.

The vacancy he is contesting occurred as a result of the resignation of George Hughes last October. 

Announcing his candidature well in advance of the closing date for nominations of February 19, he gave a statement of his aims if elected which he said are: 

"To restore the voice of the people of Llangollen in the council chamber and hold to account our county councillors.

"Resolve the issues with the provision of waste disposal and recycling facilities, working with Phil Jones and his excellent petition to ensure the wishes of 900 residents are respected.

"Ensure that the proposals for change to Llangollen by the 2020 group have full and thorough public consultation and take into account the current views of the community.

"The potholes are a result of 2020 delays, so I will ensure a proper community based public consultation is put in place quickly that isn’t simply a paper exercise that endorses the 2020 plan."

He added: "Basically its about waste, bollards, potholes and parking and taking back control for the residents."

* So far Mr Davies is the only candidate to announce his intention to stand to llanblogger and we would be happy to highlight any further nominations. 

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