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Monday, February 15, 2021

County councillors outline changes to town centre parking

* Market Street car park where changes are due to take place. 

County councillors Graham Timms and Melvyn Mile have been successful in getting Denbighshire to lift the ‘one size fits all’ parking regulations in the county to enable Llangollen’s own problems to be addressed, they say. 

“We have been asking the county for 30 minutes free parking in Llangollen’s town centre car parks for a while, but we were told that car parking rules don’t allow for local changes.  

"But in a recent committee meeting we’ve been successful in getting the county to agree to relax the rules in Llangollen," they say in a joint statement. 

The two councillors add: “Parking continues to be one of Llangollen’s biggest problems and we are determined to work with the community on solutions that will improve the current situation.

"Parking rules will be better able to respond to local needs. This will help nearby residents who 'pop and shop' to support local businesses in the town centre more easily. 

"It will also allow Llangollen to adapt its parking regulations to make it easier for residents in the centre of the town to park closer to their homes.

“We want to strike a balance between local residents who live and shop in the town and the large number of visitors who come to visit. 

"The widely-consulted Llangollen 2020 plans aim to provide a good deal for residents so that the parking works for them whilst continuing to encourage visitors to spend time in the town centre.

"Changes in the Market Street car park will also provide extra spaces to increase capacity and we also need free parking for ‘pop and shop’ visits. 

“The emphasis will be on providing more short stay parking in the centre. Town centre businesses rely on both locals and visitors and so we need to have a plan that supports them too. 

 “The council committee agreed that Llangollen could have an exception to the current rules and introduce a pilot project where parking charges could be varied but on the basis that, where possible, there should be no net loss in car park income from all the car parks in Llangollen town centre. 

"Changes to the parking regulations are expected to be introduced over the winter 2021/2 and will coincide with the much more extensive street works in Llangollen’s town centre, many of which were outlined in the Arcadis Llangollen 2020 report."

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