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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Council thanks Denbighshire residents for exercising from home

Residents in Denbighshire are being thanked for following exercise from home guidance.

Welsh Government regulations state you must exercise locally unless there is a reason, such as a health condition or mobility issue, that would require driving to the nearest convenient location.

In Denbighshire the car parks at Moel Famau and Loggerheads country parks remain closed.

Cllr Tony Thomas, Denbighshire County Council’s Lead Member for Housing and Communities, said: “I would like to thank our residents who have been following Welsh Government regulations and exercising locally, this is having a real impact on the spread of coronavirus.

“The car parks at Moel Famau and Loggerheads remain closed and we continue to ask people to stay at home. We are working in partnership with North Wales Police and they will continue to patrol the areas.

“I’d also like to remind people that driving to see snow or to sledge is not a reasonable excuse to drive into the area and anyone who does so will be breaking Welsh Government regulations.

“Exercise is vitally important for residents’ well-being during the current lockdown. We know it has been difficult and when it is safe to do so we will be ensuing our country parks re-open for the public to enjoy, but in the meantime please make sure your exercise starts and finishes from home.”

* You can read Welsh Government guidance here


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