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Thursday, February 4, 2021

County promises to monitor Castle Street potholes

* A number of potholes on the bridge have now been given attention.

The county said the pothole situation on Castle Street is to be kept under review after it carried out repairs to some of the cavities in the roadway.

llanblogger recently highlighted the number of deep holes along Llangollen's main street by sending a series of pictures of some of the worst ones to the county council.

As a result a council spokesperson said an officer would be sent to inspect the holes to see if they were a safety hazard.

On Monday of this week llanblogger revealed how a number of the deepest holes had been filled in - sparking a flurry of comments about the quality of the repairs.

On Tuesday workmen were back to give attention to the remaining holes.

Possibly the deepest of all the holes on the bridge has now been filled along with a number of others further along the street.

A council spokesperson said yesterday: “Work has been carried out to make some repairs on Castle Street and we will continue to monitor the condition of the highway for any further safety works needed.”

llanblogger will also keep the situation under review.

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