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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Prostate cancer support group gets its own website

* The support group's new website.

The Llangollen Prostate Cancer Support Group has started its own website to get its message of support across to the public during the pandemic.

This was announced on Facebook yesterday with a post which says: "The Group was established nearly 10 years ago to provide support and information to men diagnosed with prostate cancer and other prostate related problems.

"We used to meet every month at the Hand Hotel but because of the pandemic it has not been possible to hold face to face meetings for some time.

"Prostate Cancer UK, in recognising that this affected similar Support Groups up and down the country, paid for Zoom licences so that groups could hold virtual meetings with their members.

"Our Group in Llangollen took advantage of this and we now continue to hold Zoom meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.

"However, because of the pandemic it has been difficult to attract new members and make them aware of the Group and provide the support they and their families may need.

"We have publicity leaflets but, in the current circumstances, are unable to distribute them to Health Centres, GP Surgeries and the Urology Department of Maelor Hospital.

"Therefore we have now developed a website that provides a lot of useful information about the Group so if you know of anyone who has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer or has had the disease for some time but who would like some support and someone to talk to then do tell them to visit:

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