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Monday, March 25, 2019

Llangollen Scouting is looking to expand

* Above and below: Llangollen youngsters go scouting for adventure.

Leader Joanne Gregory gives an insight into the success of Llangollen Scouting

Did you know that Scouting has been around for nearly 112 years and in Llangollen for over 100 of them (if we ignore the blips when we couldn't find adult leaders)?

And 112 years on, Scouting is more relevant than ever, offering a mix of modern and traditional activities which allow our youth members to develop skills for life to help them survive and succeed in this increasingly stressful adult world.

Llangollen Scout Group do it well. From six-year-old Beavers experiencing their first night away from home (and yes, learning to pack up after themselves and wash up by hand) through Cubs (becoming experienced campers) and on to Scouts where adventure and adrenaline rises before settling down into chilled out and confident in Explorers, the group offers amazing opportunities and experiences.

International trips are becoming increasingly popular, with Explorers from Llangollen being part of a group that undertook a 10-day expedition through Bosnia last year aided by our Scouting colleagues in the country - a real benefit to being a global organisation - and our Scouts thinking about packing their bags for their trip to Kandersteg, the international Scout Centre in Switzerland this summer. 

We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold level Duke of Edinburgh Award support with expeditions on offer by foot or canoe - canoe is more popular.

The issue with all of this is we've become popular. We've been running with a 12-month waiting list for Beavers and had to refuse Cub places to anyone not in Beavers. And that's not fair. So we've made the decision, we've got to expand.

All of this is offered by a team of volunteers. A slightly mad bunch, who get a buzz out of seeing what our young members get out of Scouting as well as getting the opportunity to carry on enjoying fun activities themselves. 

The leadership team has grown well over the last few months which has helped our development massively and we now have a really strong, experienced team in every section. 

But there's always room for more. So if you fancy trying something new in life, need a laugh, or just fancy being part of a successful team, please get in touch. Time commitment is totally flexible to suit you.

* For details, contact Joanne by emailing her at: 

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