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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Llan photo club helps enhance Wrexham's image

* An image on Wrexham captured during Positography.

* One of the pictures taken during the event of Wrexham town centre.

More than 50 photographers both professional and budding amateurs spent  last Sunday morning taking positive photographs of Wrexham.

Organisers from Llangollen Friendly Photography Club  set up the event to counter what they describe as the recent national negative media coverage of the town.

Their aim was to promote Wrexham's positive side and they called the event “Positography”.

The club's Andy Humphriss said: “Photographers came from far and wide to attend the event, with a wide range of ages from eight to 80, different  skills, different interests and a wide spectrum of cameras, phones and  tablets. Everyone was so positive and focused on achieving fantastic
images of the town.

“We hope to have a pop-up gallery of images in the not too distant future.

"We must thank King Street Coffee Company for opening up their shop especially for our event and Wayne Price at Calon FM for the fantastic publicity.

"I’ve made so many new friends all with the same ambition - to add a little light to Wrexham.”

When asked if this will become a regular event, the club's Paul McNulty said: “I certainly hope so. We we had some very enthusiastic interest from one of the local tour guides on the day.

"He saw the opportunity to promote the tourist side of Wrexham’s economy and has invited us to a walking tour of the local area.

"Everyone from Sunday’s event really enjoyed themselves and are all wishing for another day out in Wrexham, camera in hand.”

* For more information on joining the next “Positography” event or to view their work, contact the organisers on Facebook via their “Llangollen Friendly Photography” group or the “Wrexham Matters” Facebook group.

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