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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Chamber can help with business rate concerns

Llangollen Chamber of  Trade and Tourism says it can help local firms with business rate headaches.

Secretary Ian Parry said: "Many people cannot have failed to notice the issue regarding the revaluation of business rates and the potential serious impact a significant rise in rates will have on businesses.

"The chamber has been looking at the Valuation Office Agency’s website and has collated a great deal of information about the changes affecting many businesses in the town.

"We have urged our members to check their new valuations as soon as possible but some businesses don’t seem to be aware of the issue and may subsequently be shocked when they discover the impact the revaluation may have on their business.

"All are urged to look up the Valuation Office’s website or contact David Davies, our chair on 01978 860557, myself on 01978 449365.

"We can provide some help, advice and information to anyone who may need some assistance in trying to obtain the appropriate information. 

"The chamber also has professional contacts who may be able to provide assistance in dealing with anyone wishing to appeal against the new valuations.

"There is the possibility of arranging a presentation by one of these professionals on the whole process of business rates.

"Again, contact me if you feel you would like to appeal or would be interested in attending a presentation."

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